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Order online and have the perfect cake or dessert sent to your loved one!
100% baked from scratch, including fresh, handmade fondant and rolled chocolate. Start the process here by asking for a quote request!


Holiday Orders

Every year I offer a limited selection of products for your Holiday dinners. Pre-orders will begin mid-September and this year I will be including dinner options for your Vegan and plant-based guests.
When my pre-order list is ready, I will make an update via my Facebook page and Instagram account. I look forward to working with you!

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Canadian Business

I am a 100% Canadian business, and ship only within Canada at this time. If you are from elsewhere and would like a quote for shipping, I will be happy to assist you!

Handmade & Reclaimed

While I admit to being partial to wreaths, I also enjoy knitting, sewing and giving a second life to forgotten items. Customization of some items may be available.

Free Shipping

I have teamed up with a major supplier to ensure good rates, and am slowly converting all of my items to include shipping in their price.

COVID-19 Update

Health & Safety

It is in all of our best interest to keep our families and ourselves as healthy as possible.
For this reason, I am happy to wear a mask and gloves while baking/assembling & decorating your items.

Click here to see the changes made to my cancellation policy.

Items in my Etsy store will now be quarantined for 14 days prior to shipping to further ensure your safety. The only exception will be masks as they are an immediate item, and washing upon receipt is recommended.

To visit my Etsy store, click here.

Recipes, Tutorials & Musings

Recent Posts

  • Scandinavian Pine Bark Flour
    …We ate the pine bark bread slightly toasted with some vegan margarine and drizzled with some of my homemade dandelion honey. I loved the rustic combination of flavours. You could definitely taste the pine tree bark, but somehow that woodsy flavour paired with the strong floral flavour of the dandelion honey made it such a pleasant experience…
  • Eggless Salad
    This salad comes together in less time than it would take for you to boil some eggs, and it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks! It is creamy, salty, has a bit of chew and thanks to one special ingredient, it has that sulpheric, eggy bite as well.
  • Non Dairy Yogurt
    If you’re trying to make a non dairy yogurt that is thick, creamy, tangy, and delicious – check out my version of this recipe by Miyoko Schinner! It’s very easy and lasts for weeks.

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