End of the Season

So, summer is leaving and with it it takes my hot sticky weather, my warm summer nights and my flowers.  Thankfully, it also takes the spiders which reminds me that theres one outside my bathroom door on the ceiling that I’ve been eyeing suspiciously for a few hours now.
The summer kicked off back in May with Dee and Chris’ crazy wedding.  It was so fun, the food was awesome and Dee looked amazing 🙂  The highlight of that night though was watching bex and noah control the dance floor.  It was so funny to see bex have her first crush and noah do break-dancing; almost makes me want to have a wedding just to see it again, lol. Mmmmmm – maybe not 😛
Then we had daddys family bbq where I dealt out a swift and brutal beating over badminton (Sorry Jay, you just need some practice hahaha) and ate copious amounts of cow.  Rocky gained 10lbs from all the burgers and hotdogs the kids dropped for him and the weather was perfect (an annual gift from God).
After that we had Sara and Frankys wedding which was equally awesome.  Sara’s dress had the most amazing back I’d ever seen and her bridesmaids dresses were incredible (I got to wear one!!!).  The only down side to sara getting married is that I’ve had to listen to her talk about lilies and sex (in that order) ever since.  she also lives around the corner from me now so I get many terrific dinners which prompted me to buy her that cook book she wanted for her birthday.  Its all good for me one way or another!
Immediately after that we had the huge, massive family reunion.  The BIG one that comes every 2 years.  It was an immense success complete with clowns, a pig roast and lots of french 🙂 
So, all that craziness (did I mention that with 2 weddings there were also bridal showers and stag and does to attend???) it was labor day weekend before we knew it and time for the much smaller family reunion between us sisters. 
Every labor day we all band together with our spouses, children and pets and reunite under our parents to just be kids again.  This year was awesome because instead of going to a camp ground we camped out at mom and dads.  Even the rain couldnt keep us from having an amazing time.  I have an amazing family.  3 days of board games, fresh air and dads cooking is incredible.  Add to it all the guitar playing, moms ranting, tree climbing, long walks and sister chat and you have one blissful, satisfying weekend 🙂
In other news, this past week also marked the end of my probation period at work and I passed my evaluation with flying colors.  My relief at not being fired quickly turned to hope of a raise but I decided to wait a few more months before I push that one lol.  Something tells me they wouldnt find that cute 😀
Fall fashions are out in the stores and they look incredible, kids are back in school, I’m moving in a month and next week Rocky has his first trip to the beauty parlour.  I’ve also decided that for Halloween this year I will be a butterfly.  Happy Autumn everyone!  Ciao!

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  1. Joan says:

    butterfly.  gag.


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