The Great Sauce War

In ancient days, men would arise before dawn and with a sense of purpose, honor, duty and with something even deeper, more primal, they would rush into the rising sun with a mighty cry to fufill their destinies.  With a rush of wind, a clanging of weapons, shrieks of rage and terror many would fall.  And then the silence would come, and those left standing would return with wizened eyes and a tale to tell.  Man against man, woman against woman, red against blue.
Saturday dawned cool and crisp, with the sun shining brightly down upon its combatants preparing for the great sauce war.  I on the other hand was rudely awakened by my phone at 9:30am, the sun beaming straight into my eyes and my hand smashing down on my silent alarm clock trying to make the world go away.
30 minutes later I had successfully launched myself from my cozy bed to my cozy couch, complete with hair sticking up and coffee in hand.  30 minutes after that I had successfully swallowed 2 more cups of coffee and was frantically running around my apartment trying to get ready for battle.  Since I was on the RED team I decided on filling 2 water pistols with red kool-aid and strapping 5 bottles more of the liquid to my stomach for easy access during battle.
2 pieces of toast and a short car ride later and I was at Sara and Frankies to meet the rest of the team. (This means, Sara, Franky, John and Jonathin).  John was also on my team, the others were on the BLUE team.  The main sauce of choice for this war was red and green tubs of flour mixed with water and food coloring – these were packed into the car and we all followed suit with changes of clothing, towels and empty threats.
Another stop at Tim Hortons and we headed to FontHill to meet the rest of our teams.  After some casual chatting we all made the walk down the street to the park where each side set up fort.  I knew we were in trouble the minute I saw our weapondry… the BLUE team had coolers FULL of blue goop, plus jugs of blue Kool-aid.  We had one little coffee can of red goop, some red kool-aid, and one tiny tube of red icing.
So ya, we got killed.  I dont think I need to really explain anymore because I’ve posted some great photo’s (courtesy of Franky) but wow, was it ever a good time!  The only down side is that flour and water actually makes glue, and on a cold autumn day that glue tends to harden pretty quickly.   The end result is that I’ll be picking blue chunks out of my ears, hair and various other places for weeks. 

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  1. Joan says:

    i read your blog.  i found it entertaining.  i’ll look through the pictures when i have more time (there’s alot of them!)
    it’s my birthday eve.


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