A Lesson Learned.

3 weeks ago I went with my mom to watch noah and becky have their first skating lesson.  Becky was a natural – she loves dancing so much that I think balance comes naturally to her.  Noah on the other hand was like a tizzy top on skates.
He fell.  Then he got up and fell again.  Got up.  Fell.  Repeat.
And still, he got up again, and again and again.  He cried but he got up.  He fell and got mad when he saw us watching, but he got up. And for an hour we watched him do this clumsy dance until the buzzer went and he was able to come off the ice and go home.
The next week, he was a little better.  He still fell, but not as often and he was able to make little steps accross the ice while maintaining his balance.
On sunday (the third lesson) I arrived at the ice rink with coffee in hand and looked for the kids on the ice.  I located Noah right away since he was only about 20 feet away from me.  "Hey berni, wanna see me speed skate?" says noah… I say, "sure buddy" and mentally cringe as I watch his face light up and he braces his body for the launch.
But then… that kid FLEW!  He zoomed accross the ice like a pro!  I couldnt believe it!  For an hour, I watched in amazement as he skated circles around his peers.  Sure, he still took a spill or two, and ya, he doesnt know how to brake except to smash into walls and/or other people, but could he ever skate!
It ocurred to me that kids can remind us of all those lessons we seem to forget as we get older.  As adults we fall and we usually stay down.  Its amazing to realize that we can fall over and over and over again, but if we’re willing to just get up and try once more eventually we’ll get the hang of it.
Thanks Noah 🙂

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  1. Joan says:

    ah yes, the profound wisdom of a 6 year old. 
    desiree wrote my last blog entry.  fyi.


  2. Frank says:

    Awwww . . . well done Noah!  Well done Berni for a lesson learned!  You make me want to watch those two skate.  Maybe one day I would be able to learn how!  Then again, I’m not a fan of the cold . . .


  3. Jason says:

    You know, I could learn a lesson from the fact that you are avoiding me, but I "keep getting back up" and have been calling you every day since last week but still no replies or returned phone calls.  You are breaking up with me, aren’t you!!  We both know how ridiculous that is, right?  What’s going on with you?


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