What I’ve Been Up Too.

I know, I know – I’ve been getting a lot of complaints lately about not returning phone calls or updating my blog.  The fact is people – I’M SO BUSY!!!
That said, the craziness is starting to slow down so I’ve decided to let all you complainers (Jay) know whats been happening.  Number one – I’ve been working.  The closer we get to Christmas, the crazier it is so I’ve been pulling some extra time at the office.  I’ve also been travelling – I was in Ohio 2 weeks ago and I’ll be heading to Boston in another 2 weeks.  In between all of that, I’ve been in Toronto quite a bit so when I do get to go home I dont have a lot of energy left.
And speaking of home life – I’ve been moving! (Yay!) My new place is awesome – all painted and everything and I’m sure everyone (Jay) will see it at some point.
When I havent been at home or work, I’ve been hanging out with my sisters, mom and the kids.  Swimming lessons, skating lessons, dinners, running errands, etc. This doesnt mean that I dont have time for anyone else (Jay) it just means that things are a little hectic right now.  I really miss all of you though (Jay) and I think we should get together and go for dinner. 
And right now – I’m at work so um… the end 🙂

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  1. Jason says:

    For the amount of time it took you to write that out, you could have called my phone and told me that crap instead of being a tool and posting a public comment about it instead!  Don’t think that you can get off of being a complete tool by telling EVERYONE that you’ve been ignoring my phone calls!  This isn’t over lady. 


  2. Bernadette says:

    tsk tsk Jay… so worked up with Berni withdrawl!  Just admit that I’m the coolest friend you have and be done with it!!  And then you can admit that I’m better at badminton, smarter at everything and better looking. 
    Then we can hang out 😛


  3. Frank says:

    (… I’ll just sit in my corner and cry because nobody cares if I read there blog.)  IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU JAY!!!!! <good luck with your final six weeks :p)


  4. Joan says:

    there was a time when she cared about keeping in touch with me…


  5. Bernadette says:



  6. Frank says:

    Well, I think we’ll all have to start a support group.  That’s the only way I’ll be able to press on . . .


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