One of the Guys

Wow, so much to blog about!
Number 1 – I’m moved!  Its official, its done, and its settled.  Rocky likes our new place and has already picked out his key sleeping areas, and I have to say that I could never have done it so efficiently without Sara, Franky and the Jons 🙂  There is still a lot of sorting ahead of me, but this morning as I got ready for work I could actually watch the sunrise outside my windows.  Not a bad start to the day 😀
I also got to go to work with Dad this weekend (haha, take that Jake) and that was pretty fun as well.  There was a kid on the site helping his dad, maybe about 15 years old.  Anyway, I was working at the end of the hall and all the other men were working at the other end.  The young guy kept staring at me I guess and all the men were kind of laughing at him.  Then dad walks over to the kid and says:
dad:  "hey, you think she looks nice?"
kid: "oh ya!" <nodding emphatically>
dad: "you know, she might be old enough to be your mother"
kid: <standing up taller> "I dont care"
dad:  "you know…" <leaning closer> …"she’s my daughter"
At this point I’m told a variety of things happened.  Dad gave the kid a stern look, the kid paled and walked backwards and of course, all this was drowned out by the other men laughing and yelling comments.
Yup, around the site I’m just one of the guys.

2 Comments on “One of the Guys

  1. i sure hope that that kid doesn’t stare at all the other guys that way!  somehow i think that you’re not just ‘one of the guys’.  and as for you helping daddy out- i’m glad that you could help him get human resources off of his back by being the token female on the job.  ha ha, i’m imaging your reaction to that.  i’m sure you were wonderful and that daddy was grateful for your help.  i’m also sure that the rest of the guys on the site were grateful for your help!


  2. WOW! That is the funniest thing that I have ever read!!!! ha ha ha…Im still laughing!!!!!! In fact… I’m going to email it to chris.


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