Last night I sat in my new apartment and basked in the warmth of love that came from my doggy’s eyes.  There Rocky was, with a dewy look in his eyes, a big doggy smile on his face and tail thumping happily.  If I leaned left, his eyes followed, if I leaned right, the same.
Being a dog owner can often be a thankless job.  But when its late, all is quiet and your dog gives you that look, it makes it all worth while – because you know he cares.  You buy his food, shelter him, brush him, bath him, give him cozy beds to sleep on, take him on car rides and long walks… even pick up his feces, and often it seems like its all just expected of you.  So when you get a look like that, you dont move, because you want to savour the adoration for as long as you can.
Of course, he wasnt going to wait forever for me to give him that stupid doggy biscuit, so he started barking at me and I handed over the goods.  But hey, it was sweet while it lasted 🙂

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