The Journey

* This was read on a radio show I like to listen to so I went online and got it to share with you guys, the author is anonymous.

The most precious but often painful passage is the journey to yourself:

You will travel to places never before visited, where you meet unspoken fears and unearth buried truths.
You will climb high and perilous mountains.
Those that rise up from inside yourself.
You will explore forgotten waters held deep in the sea of your soul.
You will be stranded in the wilderness and find a way through pathless land.
You will be lost before you are found.
You will be empty before you are full.
You will cry the deep sobs of the earth, and tears of rain will cleanse the house around your heart.

In time-

Because life like birth and death knows its own time
Your fears and struggles unknowingly will be transformed.

You will become a mountain place where eagles soar.
You will become a reflecting pool which sees and knows the mysteries of your life.
Your heart will be light like a butterfly as you follow the currents of its true desires.
The flight of the honeybee will be yours as you seek the nectar of what brings sweetness to your daily life.
Most of you will become who you truly are.
Your life will hold truth–and promise, and meaning.
And the heart of the heavens will hold your heart.

–Author Unknown.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    ah well, i tried to use html and it didn’t work.  click the link to see the message i was trying to convey 🙂
    thanks for the magic that your website provided!


  2. Frank says:

    Ah Joan, I can count on you to say just the right thing!  :p 


  3. Frank says:

    Okay, I got busted.  Yes, Joan, I am glad for your comment.  Very appropriate, but as my blog (and Berni) will attest, I am one of the saps who enjoys a great emotional moment (even if it wasn’t necessarily this poem).  Joan, I count on you to continue with these comments so that people like Berni and I don’t drown in our mushy pools of sentiment.


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