Um… Funny Story…

So, the other day Pete (my head boss) and I were at Home Depot checking up on a few things when he notices a leaf with an odd piece missing.  He then tells me how he’s had the staff at the greenhouse keeping an eye out for a catapillar but how no one can find it.  He goes on to tell me how its the darndest thing and how detremental this little creature is to our product. 
At this point, he notices I am oddly silent and staring at the ground.  While he stares at me quizzically I am in the process of remembering a certain day about 2 weeks ago that seemed so innocent at the time…
My Memory:
There I was on a beautiful sunny day wandering through the greenhouse and thinking about my projects when I happen to notice the cutest little catapillar crawling across the stone walkway.  "well hello mr. catapillar!" i say as I gently crouch down and pick it up. "you’re going to get squished if you stay on the walkway, why dont you go here where you’ll be nice and safe" as I gently lower him onto an orchid leaf on the next product table….
At this point I snapped out of my memory, squared my shoulders, looked up at my boss and said, "um… funny story…"

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