Weekend Adventures

So, this weekend I got to cross "Mosh Pit" off my list of things to do… Yay!
Saturday we took a van load of kids from the drop-in center to a cd release party for the christian rock group, Non-Fiction.  The concert was great – I loved the fact that it was held in the historic barn at Balls Falls, and the fact that they really seemed to go all out with the big screens and stuff… it was cool 🙂
Even better was the music.  The concert opened with "Preachers of Slow Death" – not a bad group but very "trance" like music.  This was okay, but when Non-Fiction got up and kicked off their set things really heated up.  Those guys are really talented and the music was awesome – lots of unpredictable chord changes and tons of "heavy" (like my new lingo??)
Anyway, with all the excitement it was inevitable that a mosh pit would erupt.  And grow.  Sarah and I, along with John stayed on the outskirts with all the other reasonable people.  As the band entered into a new song we were all pretty set on watching the band so none of us really knew what happened when some guy flew out of the humdrum, wrapped his arms tight around me and catapulted both of us back into the frey.
I’ll never know who he was or where he went after that, but I was in and had no choice but to "mosh" my way to safety.  It was so fun that once I got out, I went back in again and again… and when I was too tired to go in anymore, I took the opportunity to body slam some poor sap who was trying to escape and sent him back into the mob.  I had a good laugh as I watched him get swallowed and then took off for the pizza bar.
My legs and right shoulder are killing me.  I also got a cd autographed by the band but Franky got his chest autographed by the band.  I should also mention that he is the one who started it all – to the point where the lead singer told everyone to be like Franky Penner and pointed him out to the crowd.  Sarah very astutely pointed out later that he should have also said that Franky was married (also said with the famous sarah scowl and clenched fist).  On the topic of Sarah I must also say that if she doesnt have whip-lash from the way Franky tossed her around for 3 hours then I’ll have to start calling her gumby.
There are no pics because no camera would have survived 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. that’s very funny!  i tried to mosh once but i was 7 months prego and derek wouldn’t let me.  i’m sure the chance’ll come again though.  like maybe in 15 years.  glad you had a good time!


  2. Boy was it ever a good time!  My legs are still hurting me!  I had way too much fun jumping around and singing along.  I got a CD about two weeks before and I kept listening to it over and over because it is so good.  I have it in my Rock Albums playlist (including the likes of Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch and Scott Stapp, etc) on iTunes.  I throw it on shuffle and it is amazing how their music fits in.  The quality is A-1 pro!  Berni, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, although I’m surprised to hear that that was your first mosh pit experience! 


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