Two Down…

As per Frankies request 😛
Yesterday I took a much needed spontaneous day off and drove to Oshawa to spend the day with Jake and the babies.
If kookiness was the word of the day on Tuesday, then RELAXATION was the word of the day for yesterday.  I cant remember the last time I had such a natural visit with Jake.  It was nice to get there in the morning without any problems and even though I had to come back home last night I didnt feel rushed or pressured to be anywhere.  What a nice change from my regular routine!
We chatted, played with the babies, had lunch – and here I have to sequay…  Derek eats KETCHUP on his chicken wraps!  I fought so hard to not tease him about it yesterday and so I was unusually quite over lunch but then he has the nerve to raise an eyebrow at ME over dinner because I dip fried chicken in to ketchup???  At that point I held my silence no longer, lol… –
Any how… after lunch the kids had their naps, Jake finally finished the mountain of laundry that has consumed her life for the past few months and then we sat down with her beads, hemp, glue gun and wire and made necklaces.  Eventually the babies woke up and we cleaned up, then started dinner (fried chicken and butternut squash, mmm mmmmm!).  While dinner was in the oven, Eli happlily played with his daddy downstairs while Jake and I sprawled out on her livingroom floor with Anne climbing all over us and spent the next hour talking about life and feeling each others skin rolls. Jake looks SO amazing now, very tiny yet curvy and somehow – she still thinks she’s fat.  To this say, "ya sistah!  you so PHAT!!!" I mean… woo hoooooo!  Honestly, I would trade bodies in a heart beat!
Of course yesterday, I couldnt help teasing her so when I felt her stomach I cried "I cant get my hand out!!!"  This little joke of mine had her obsessed for the next 2 hours until I left, lol.
In closing I would like to say this personal note to Jake… 
Jake, its not just the black t-shirt now.  Its safe to say that the grey t-shirt has the same effect.  oi.

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I use food to show love, I make things because it helps me connect to my inner self, and I use social media because it's how I connect to other like-minded people. My life happens between the kitchen, the craft room and the gardens. This blog is where I keep track, work it out, and share my ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts back with me!

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