My #1 Blogging Rule.

It has recently occurred to me that I didnt lay the ground rules.  Nothing too important, its just one rule really but some of you (um hmm, Franky) may find it difficult to control yourselves at times.  Let me explain:
Last year, when we all began blogging on Jakes forum she had a few rules.  Keep it clean, no swearing, etc.  When her server blew up (how is that re-building going anyway?) we all converted to msn "my space".  For the past 7 months or so things have been great – no complaints.
One thing people may have noticed though is that there are certain topics that are off limits on here.  My personal love life being one of them – I cant remember the last time I really wrote about something specific on here, so I think I should point out that I dont really like it when others make comments that showcase my personal life or their view of it. 
So, that said – I’ve gone through and deleted some rather embarrassing and inaccurate comments from this blog. I’m sorry guys – but now you know I’m serious.  ( I should point out that I DO love getting comments though – just not that type!)

Now onto my blog for the day…

Settlers Tournament 2006
This weekend was the big 24 hour settlers tournament at Sarah and Frankys and the prize was a brand new settlers board.  Game 1 was slow for me since I hadnt played in a little while, but game 2 put me right up there as I won the game.  Game 3 I came close with 9 points, and then after that everything gets kind of fuzzy.
As the need for sleep increased I found my mental alertness sadly decreasing.  This caused me to have the same conversation more then once with all the same people (dont ask me what I thought was important, I have no clue).  The 2 guys from that band I was talking about last weekend (NonFiction) came by and they had a bit of a jam session in the livingroom for a while.  I remember eating copious amounts of doritos, crackers and jelly bellys, then washing it down with coke, followed by coffee.  I remember playing settlers and in between games lying on the couch begging (and getting!) my feet rubbed.
I remember the lack of sleep and toxic food catching up with me around 4am, causing me to seriously consider where and when I would throw up – in a rather detached "who cares" sort of mood.  The last game I played finished with me at 3 points and it was at that point that I decided to throw in the towel and go home to my sweet cozy bed 🙂
To give Franky credit, he tried to bribe me with more coffee, hotdogs wrapped in white dough and deep fried french fries… unfortunately my body had had enough and I was outta there.
I barely remember coming home, but I do remember the severe brushing my teeth took and I also remember showering.  I remember laying in bed and flicking on the tv – at 5am the tube is a wealth of knowledge for getting rich quick and buying miracle cream to get rid of wrinkles instantly.  by 5:02am I had deemed the tube unworthy of my attention and passed out.
I woke up at 10:10am feeling hung over so I got out of bed, had another shower and chugged a very healthy smoothie.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing, recovering and hating the very term "Settlers of Cattan".  However, that didnt stop me from going to check on the tournament and playing another game. I then escaped with my cousin Jay (who seems to have forgiven me now, Yay!) and hung out with him for a bit before the oxygen was completely leeched from his brain (he played in the tournament from 7pm Friday to 3pm Saturday afternoon without stopping).
In the end I hear Franky won.  Congrats brother bear – I am very happy for you.  I hope you and Sarah will wake up by Christmas 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    remember a couple of days ago when you were here and we were discussing our different roles in life?  i advised you to take advantage of the freedom you  have to be spontaneous and do more exciting things.  this is NOT what i was talking about berni!!!  i was thinking more along the lines of a random trip to europe or bungee jumping or something.  baby steps i guess eh?


  2. Bernadette says:

    Well, I would do something more exciting, but I have other committments.  Like right now, Dee and I are going to go grocery shopping. 
    Actually – that would be exciting.  She’s driving.  If that isnt living on the edge, I dont know what is.


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