My sister Desiree – The Rebuttal

Today I went to go watch Becky and Noah’s skating lessons.
I went with my mom and my sister like always, but today I found someone better than them to talk to, and ignored them for the entire time we were then.
#1 – learn how to proof read 😛  #2 – Its not my fault that people love me.  For all of you curious people, my girlfriend Lisa was there with her kids and I havent seen her in months!  We had a lot of catching up to do. We didnt ignore desiree though, she was just upset because Lisa was going on about how sexy mom was and said nothing about her 😛
We then left and I had to drive my boyfriend home before I could do anything else.
My "Boyfriend" is my dog Rocky.  It seems that my family (mostly my dad) finds it funny that the only male I want in my life is my dog.
I then went to Desiree’s and we did some grocery shopping.
We didnt just go "grocery shopping".  I was kidnapped and forced to go to Pizza Pizza, Blockbuster and EB Games.  Of all the places I thought EB Games was the scariest – It was like walking out of my universe and entering a whole other dimension where all men were gamers, computer nuts and all wore 1/4" round glasses.  Seriously, they all probably had to take cold showers once we left.
I had a wonderful time humiliating her at Zehrs infront of the bag boy and the cashier.
Its your own fault.  You never talk to strangers so you dont know how to be sociable.  Its not my fault that you responded by covering your face, throwing your body dramatically over the conveyer belt and laughing/crying hysterically. Its not the bag boys fault for assuming you were crying or the cashiers fault for trying to be nice to you.  Its no ones fault that the people behind you in line thought you should be medicated or that you called me at midnight last night to tell me you were never going to forgive me…
We then went and got some pizza.
Again – this was against my will.
I took her old ironing board and went home.
I did indeed do this.  I needed an ironing board and she just bought a new one.  Its been about 12 years since I’ve ironed so its going to be an adventure once I attempt it.  Still have to buy an iron though 🙂
I love my sister.
Yes I do.  Stay out of my email.

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