So, this morning Desiree and I went to Bethany Community Church and I thought it was pretty great.  Very down to earth people, great sermon, not a whole lot of "ceremony".  I saw some people I knew and thoroughly enjoyed myself for it being a first time attendance 🙂
I’ve been looking for a church to really get involved in and for the first time in a long time I feel like I might have found it.  Of course, I’ll have to pray about it and see how the time goes, but I feel pretty positive.
I’ve been doing a lot of travelling for work lately and thats made me kind of tired.  Last week it was a 2 day trip to Montreal, then back for a meeting in Toronto, then off to Chicago… and of course, Chicago had to get the first snow storm of the year while I was there.. but it was amazing anyway 🙂  I love snow – it makes the stupid cold weather worth it somehow.
Chicago was a bit of a challenge for me.  My meeting got cancelled due to the weather and the fact that the client was snowed in out in the country somewhere, plus the snow storm itself shut down the highways and airports for a few hours… then there was the fact that we couldnt find a decent hotel and the place we ended up staying made a crack house look hospitable.  On top of that, I ended up having to use a porta-potty on a street corner that was a cesspool for VD simply because it was the third place I tried and it was the only toilet (using the term loosely) that I could find…  but here’s the cool thing –
At one point, we left the truck on a side street and walked through the oldest part of Chicago in the snow on the lookout for coffee.  As I walked through slush and wove through traffic I looked up at all the tall, old buildings and suddenly realized how gorgeous they were. We came to a 5 point intersection where new met old and found a Starbucks.  While sitting there drinking a hot coffee, watching the people, traffic and buildings it suddenly occurred to me… I was in Chicago, and I was loving every inch of it.
I am amazed by the blessings I get from God and grateful for the ability to recognize them, even if its a little belated 🙂

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  1. Joan says:

    we???? who is the "WE" that we are talking about here? 
    i’m glad that you had a good time.  i hope you managed to get an authentic chicago deep-dish pizza into your trip. i hear that they’re amazing. 
    i wish my job came with travelling responsibilities 😉


  2. Joan says:

    oh, and i thought that you’d decided to apply for membership at bethel?  i was just thinking about that this morning, actually.


  3. Joan says:

    you changed your layout!


  4. Bernadette says:

    Haha – easy girl! First of all – no pizza.  I had pizza last week on the way to Montreal and that will sustain me for a bit.  Second, the "we" is my boss Pete.  He travels with me and we do the meetings together.  It works out well although I think he should let me drive more.  He on the other hand feels he is the better driver and declines my offer.  And thirdly, yes – I changed the layout.  Still pink, but this one is actually an orchid theme 😀  Happy? 


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