Connectedness & Belief

The other day I was talking to my boss Kevin about this test you can take that helps you identify your 5 greatest strengths – then you read the book and it tells you how to apply those strengths to your work environment.
Anyway, I thought this sounded pretty cool so he got me the book with the code in it so I could take the test myself.  I’ve taken tests like this before and the results have always been the same… extrovert, leadership, problem solving, etc.  The usual characteristics for a business minded individual. This one was different though – the test is timed so you have to make very quick decisions, thus being as truthful as possible and when my results came back I was a little surprised at what I found.
My 5 greatest strengths were Restorative, Connectedness, Individualization, Strategic and Belief.
These are supposed to be the 5 dominant and driving forces in your mind – the strengths that fuel the things you succeed at.  Restorative, Individualization and Strategic are pretty good strengths to have according to this book.  They mean that I am able to make quick and correct assessments, see the uniqueness in each person and solve problems.
Connectedness and Belief are strengths that are described as being very spiritual.  Those who posess these strengths understand and acknowledge that there is a greater purpose, a Higher Power, that all things happen for a reason.
This means that according to the test I have finally reached a point where even in business, I can acknowledge and accept that God is here, in me, in my work… directing and guiding the events of my life.  Remember when I took this job?  I said that I needed to find out if I was a business person or a Christian – that I needed to take some time to find the balance in my life?
My test results meant a lot to me because I feel like I may have found that balance.  Maybe thats why God put me here 🙂 
Just a thought.

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  1. Desiree says:

    Awwwww! heehee. Iha ha hah ha – buttons is hitting your face on the screen. what a sweety pie!


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