The Influence of Sisters

Last night I went to Sarahs house to see a presentation on organic products. Honestly, I found it to be more about working for the company rather than about the products but I guess thats how she makes most of her money (not Sarah, the other girl).  I was honest – I want to buy some of the cleaning products but I am 100% not interested in selling for the company. Case closed.
But during all of this – there were cookies.  Delicious, fresh out if the oven short bread cookies that Sarah made with little tiny cherries at the center.  How could l resist?  I ate one, then two, then three…
By the time I left, I was so stuffed – 8 cookies in total.
Then it was off to Desirees for our Tuesday night HOUSE date. I brought the mandatory chocolate milk and she made the mandatory popcorn.  As a surprise, she also made these amazing jalapeno poppers.  Home-made, from scratch!  They were huge, and stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar and ground spicy sausage and then battered and fried.
I drank 2 glasses of milk, ate a ton of popcorn and then 6 poppers.
This morning I got dressed and for some odd reason I felt fat.  Luckily for me, Joan wrote a very descriptive blog about the YMCA yesterday.  Even luckier was that I was so moved by her view of the spa area that I went there after work last night, had a tour and got a free guest pass to test out the facilities before I sign my life away.
I think I’ll be making use of that pass tonight 🙂
2 more sleeps until the sisters sleepover!

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  1. Frank says:

    Bern, Didn’t she make shortbread cookies?  Such dry cookies.  I hate eating dry food, unless it is really good.  I had four for breakfast this morning.  I’m working from home.  I was supposed to go to the gym today at work.  Looks like that’s not happening and I have a plate full of cookies to bother me.  How will I survive?


  2. Joan says:

    really?!?!  yay!  i’m so excited that you’ll have a Y membership!  we can go together when you come to visit!  this is very exciting.  oh dear… i can’t even type right now. 🙂


  3. Desiree says:

    JOAN! I am just very upset by all of this! I want you both to leave your computers right now! march out! and get yourself a premier/madamoiselle membership! GOOOO!!!!! I mean, you dont know what you’re missing. + it’s cheaper than they Y. you suck.


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