Last night I went to the mall after work to finish my shopping for the sisters sleepover (WHICH IS TONIGHT!! WHOO HOOOO!!!)
eh hem… so anyway….
While I was at the mall I ran into mom and becky.  Mom was off to get her hair done at the spa so I asked if Becky could shop with me for a while, mom agreed.  Big Mistake.
There was a time when Becky was little that all she could do was toddle around, stick objects in her mouth and inquire, "doing?" of anyone she came across. Occassionally she would express her pleasure at something by sticking her tummy out and tickling herself while saying, "ticka ticka ticka…" in a high squeaky voice.
Alas, those days are gone.  Last night my sweet little becky tore through that mall without stopping to take a breath. We looked at fuzzy diaries with feather pens (pink of course), Hello Kitty items of every kind, lots of jewellery, little stuffed animals, hair accessories, hats (cowboy of course), Teddy Bears with names embroidered on them, baking stuff (okay, that one was me), and lots of makeup (sadly, that was bex).  Needing a break, we stopped and got some fresh pretzels and cherry slushys.  Before I had taken my last bite we were off again to look at shoes.
It turns out that Becky is a size 1 in girls and I am a size 4.  With this knowledge in mind, we tried on EVERY pair of shoes and boots and modelled them in front of the mirror.  I’m sure the sales people hated us.
We stopped when the mall started to close at 9pm.  We left the shoe store and went and found mom (who was done by then and shopping with Desiree) and headed for the parking lot.  Becky was so tired, she was practically sleeping on my arm on the way out.  I have never met anyone who could out-shop me but I tell ya – that 7 year old certainly gave me a run for my money.
Tonight is the SISTERS SLEEP OVER!!!!!  How will I get through this day??

2 Comments on “Shopping

  1. Awww, so cute.  How do I comment on shopping though?  Oh, I finshed all my Christmas shopping for Sarah!   Wahoo!  Are you proud of me?  I am!  And so early, too!  I would have had most of the presents wrapped if Sarah hadn’t hidden the scissors under a pile of dishes in the sink.  Oh, and all the shopping for my family is done, though no thanks to me.  Actually, yeah, thanks to me, because I found me a good wife!  Wahoo!  I like the word wahoo.  I was emailing Woohoo one time and the spell check suggested Wahoo.  Since that’s what Albert Einstein says in I.Q., I decided to go with it.  And now, as I work from home, I’m going to have IQ playing in the background because I love the movie so much.  Did you all know one of the best annual meteor showers happened a couple days ago?  I missed it, because it was past my bed time.  Bye!


  2. well i’m glad that you got the shopping done before the gift exchange.  i myself had all of my shopping done by the end of november.  (as i type this i’m staring at the computer pretentiously with one eye.)
    hope dinner’s going well!


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