Christmas Has Begun!

Well, I figure that Joan will probably blog her brains out at some point today about the weekend so make sure you read her blog later to get her perspective as well.  She’ll also probably have a lot more pics then I will 🙂
As usual, it was a blast and over too quickly.  Its weird, you spend half a year looking forward to a holiday that really only lasts about 1 week – and yet, that 1 week is just so amazing you find yourself looking forward to it again with great anticipation by the time summer ends.
Friday night was the sleepover at Pauline’s, and also the 10th anniversary of our little "sisters" celebration.  We commemorated our 10th year by sitting around a large bowl of home made candy cane mousse with 6 spoons held high.  As we dug into the mousse as only 6 girls can we speculated on how our sleepovers have evolved over the years.  Number 1 – we DO NOT stay up all night anymore!  Our conversations are different as well – we no longer talk about boys (okay, well maybe I still do) and instead we debate things like mortgages, savings, renovations and other extremely grown up things.
So, it was during this reflection that Joan decided to fling candy cane mousse at desires head, and she did NOT miss.  Desiree retaliated by launching herself through the air and landing on Jake.  Jake got out from underneath and immediately toppled onto the couch.  Pauline and Melissa were shouting for them to stop, Sara was egging them on.  Joan threw Dee off of her and Dee’s but landed in Sarah’s forgotten plate of meatballs… Pauline shrieked, Sara and Melissa laughed and I took advantage of the fact that I had the mousse all to myself.
In and around all of that, Joan spent some time giving random wedgies, Sarah punched my boob, I retaliated by trying to wrench hers off, Melissa and I locked ourselves out on the roof, Desiree dry heaved every time someone ate a ketchup chip and Pauline (ever the mature one) rolled her eyes obligingly at each incident J
We all loved our presents, especially Melissa who hugged her mountain of gifts and informed all of us that she made out like a bandit and was going to sleep with one eye open that night.  Joan knit me these amazing half-mittens, Pauline got me the biggest most gorgeous stainless steel coffee bean grinder, Dee got me a pizza stone and The Notebook on DVD and Sara got me a subscription to a guitar magazine, which I totally love.  And Melissa?  She got me a kitten J  I’ve named her “Muffin” but at 4am this morning  I decided to change her name to “Pain in the Butt cat wont you go away and let me get some sleep for crying out loud just STOP batting at my face I AM NOT going to wake up and pet you and if you attack my head one more time I will seriously fling you off the balcony” – but I think I’ll stick to calling her Muffin for short.
The next morning we all assembled to help mom prep for the family Christmas party and then I took Noah out for a few hours.  He was being his bratty self but in the most adorable way as only our Noah can do.  After bringing him home and having coffee with mom I went home and relaxed for a few hours.
The Christmas party at moms ended around 11pm, which is early for us but it was still a really great time.  It was much quieter then recent years and by that I mean mom and I didn’t get tanked and end up in a corner somewhere wondering why we couldn’t walk anymore. With both floors open to guests it was the perfect amount of space and no one was crowded.  Instead of shouting, we had semi-intelligent conversations amongst ourselves and the kids had a really nice play area set aside for them.  I was incredibly tired all night and when I woke up on Sunday morning I realized I was incredibly sick.
Feeling better now though!  Not 100%, but getting there. I spent the day resting and that did wonders.  I should be tip-top for settlers tonight.  <gulp>

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    yep, yep… i’m going to blog about it and post pictures.  not until later tonight though. 
    hope dinner’s going well 😉


  2. Frank says:

    Definitely a fun and busy weekend.  Good times for sure (as far as the LeBrun Christmas open house – I don’t know about the whole Sister sleepover thing).  By the way, Berni, those milk jugs are valuable to me, so please be a little more careful?  Hmm?  No trying to steal them, injure them or deform them in anyway.  And to quote the movie Princess Bride as it should be; "There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in the world.  It would be a pity to damage Sarah’s." 😀  :p  😛 😀  😀 :p 😛


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