Ya Baby!!

Woo Hoo! I am done my Christmas shopping!
It was beautiful.  I found the perfect gifts for the kids (Jake, Eli and Anne are going to love what I got them!) and I got them for a really good price because for once I went to the right place – Toys R Us.  I also finished my shopping for mom and dad and it was amazing… everywhere I went I found amazing parking spaces and there were hardly any line ups.
At one point, I was in a store to pick up something for mom but they were sold out.  They recommended I try Zellers for the same product so I did.  When I got there, (great parking spot) I couldnt find it so I just said to God, "Lord, if I cant find it then please help me find something equally great for my mom please?" and then I turned around and the thing I wanted was RIGHT there!! God is so good to us 🙂
So anyway, while I was out feeling the Christmas spirit tonight I couldnt help but notice how many people were not.  They looked tired and miserable.  One woman stood in an aisle whistling for her kid like he/she was a dog, an associate at walmart was rude to a little old lady who asked for a price, some guy walked by me with his friend complaining about what a B____ his daughter was (ya, he said that) and I had to listen to a cashier tell me how foreign people should be nicer since we "let them in".
It amazes me how we all do the same things at Christmas but some people just dont get it.  Can no one see what taking the meaning of Christmas out of Christmas does to the season??  Last night I spent 2 hours baking for my co-workers.  They’re very good people and they have been incredibly good to me so I wanted to show them that I was thinking of them for the holidays.  It wasnt much – just a pie, some lemon tarts and some tea and coffee wrapped in cellophane.  I added a bottle of champagne for their New Years toast and that was it but when I gave it to my boss (the dad boss) he had such a look of wonder on his face… as though that one small act touched him.
It goes without saying that I got kind of shy and went and hid out at my desk, but that one look was what really did it for me today because thats exactly what I love about Christmas.  And then he went and selected 2 orchids for me and had them done up.  One for me and one for my mom he said… for my mom!  It was my turn to be touched.  And thats just it – its more than the giving, its being able to touch people – I know thats what everyone in my family loves about Christmas too. I really wish I could have told those miserable people that tonight.
I’m at home now eating popcprn and drinking chocolate milk and my feet are throbbing but I’m happy.  Tomorrow I head to Oshawa to bring my little babies gifts and hang out with Jake. 
3 more sleeps till Christmas Day!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    wow, that’s alot of touching.  are you sure that’s appropriate?


  2. Frank says:

    " its more than the giving, its being able to touch people" Yep, this season is all about touching, and I love touching Sarah!  Her hugs are great!  😀


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