First Kiss

Today I had my first kiss from Anne!  Actually, Jake says I’m the first non-mom Anne has kissed so thats pretty special.  As with all babies this kiss was extra goey and open mouthed.  Annes special touch though is that she gets the tongue involved. She grabs your head with both hands, fixes her eyes on a particular spot and with mouth open wide she zooms in.  Just before she makes contact the tongue comes out so you get the odd feeling of being licked before you get gummed.
This first kiss was quickly followed by a second, third, fourth, fifth… you get the idea. I peeled her off my face and gave her back to Joan.
Awesome visit today 🙂  Elliot and I also bonded by banding together to wack Joan with empty wrapping paper tubes.  Then he turned on me and I took a beating by  a two year old.  We are about to eat french fries with a roast beef and steamed broccoli.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    i agree- it was a great visit.  thanks for coming to see me!  feel free to do it again eh?


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