A Merry Christmas

Christmas Day – 4am
"Berni!  Berni! I think I hear a noise!"
"Becky", I say in a very tired voice, "Its Santa, and he wont come in if you’re awake"
"Oh, okay" Becky mumbles as she rolls her sweaty little body over onto my side of the bed and goes back to sleep.
Christmas Day – 7am
Chaos broke out.  Noah woke up mom and dad, then rushed into the office to wake up Sara and Franky.  I heard the noise in the far corner of my mind but for the moment, bex and I were still snuggled up and left along in the quiet of her room upstairs.  Then came the crash of Noah waking Melissa and Nathan in the livingroom and the background sounds of dad pouring moms coffee and bits of conversation about sea-pie.  In less than 10 seconds the commotion had moved up the stairs and ruined any ideas I had about sleeping in.
Everything after that is a bit of a blur.  Quickly catching the excitement, I rushed downstairs and in a rush of memories I hollored through the bathroom door that I had to get in there.  Once relieved I had coffee and then more coffee and settled in with my stocking downstairs by the tree.  Once we were all done with the stockings (mom LOVED hers) we changed things up a bit.
My whole life its been daddy by the tree handing out gifts.  This year I did it and dad relaxed with coffee.  I also did it with an elf hat on 🙂
After gifts were done we had breakfast (sea-pie) and played with our toys.  I sat in the sun room and played guitar for a few hours and then helped out around the kitchen and called grampa.  Desiree and Chris arrived and then Pauline and Greg with little Rilynn.  Everyone opened more gifts and ate more food and then relaxed some more.  Sara and Franky left for a bit and came back with Marcel and John and shortly after that we all all sat down to eat Christmas dinner.
The rest of the day was pretty much the same… eat, play, rest, eat, play, rest.  With the weather being so good, dad got a little fire going outside and we hung out around it for a bit. Sara put together the family gift (a air hockey table that converts into 11 other games) and we had a few rounds while mom and melissa put together the mantel and fireplace insert that dad bought for mom. 
The guys all went to Dee and Chris’ to get the old entertainment unit for mom since they got a new one with a new Plasma flat panel television (so awesome!) and I took apart the old one (which was only 3 months old) and loaded it into my car since mom gave it to me.  I spent the remainder of the day eating butter tarts and sitting in the rocking chair in the sun room knitting and chatting with John.  I left around 9pm and came home.
It was an amazing holiday, from the volunteer work I was able to do on Christmas Eve and the amazing concert at church to the shopping I did today for boxing day 🙂  I slept until 10am today and then spent the morning rearranging my furniture and putting the entertainment unit back together.  I dont know how I do it, but I ended up with extra parts so I’m sure at some point something will crash, hahaha. 
So, Christmas winds down and New Years is upon us.  I’m only half way through my vacation and already I miss working 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas

  1. What???? you creep!  I just commented on your latest!  And you never commented on a few of MY latest ones!  Not to mention I was a heavey contributor to the HOUSE blog…  <sniff>


  2. that’s better.  now where was i?
    oh yes…
    first of all, my sympathy.  i have shared that little bed with becky on occassion, and i can’t believe that you were even able to conceive the idea of entertaining the idea of sleeping in.  that girl would take over a king-sized bed!
    second of all:  i’m envious.  i miss lebrun christmas!  sure, it’s nice to be able to get up at 9, but come on!- can you believe that i am the only one in this house who snoops for her gifts?!  i have to GENERATE the excitement around here on christmas day, it’s not naturally occuring like it is at mom and daddy’s.    i suppose that when my kids are older they’ll help me out there, but i’ve given up on derek.
    and third:
    yes, anne loves that phone that you got her.  elliot does too.  i have a funny story to tell you about eli and his laptop that you got him.  but not now, not in a comment at 11:26 at night.  remind me to tell you tomorrow when you come over.


  3. Bern – since you were sleeping it seems that you’ve messed up some of the details.  And I’ll add a couple more that were fun.
    Sarah and I got at Mom & Dad’s after midnight.  We were putting our presents under the tree and I was "Ho ho hoing" ever so quietly when I heard Mom and Noah get up.  I snuck of the stairs and found them by the fridge.  I said hi to Noah, but I don’t think he even opened his eyes.  He walked in my general direction and almost ended up in the broom closet. 
    In the morning, Mom and Dad were drinking coffees.  I heard a door slamming at about 6:30 and went rushing out of the office to see what was going on – Melissa and Nathan brushing off the reindeer food from the back porch.  (That’s when I found Mom and Dad downstairs).  I had my coffee and Noah and Sarah woke up around 7.  Then all heaven broke lose – it’s Christmas, after all!  :p
    Good times all around.  Only 363 days to go!


  4. Oh man! you are so messed up, and I cant believe that I’m the only one who noticed any of this:
    #1 – MOM has always been the one to hand out gifts (not dad).
    #2 – It’s C-Pie, not Sea-Pie#3 – Chris and I got to mom and dad’s AFTER Pauline and Greg
    #4 – It’s not a plasma tv, it’s LCD. There is a difference.
    and you wonder why you had extra parts left over…….


  5. ha ha, i liked desiree’s comment.  but it’s "sea" pie.  for sure.  mommy gave me the recipe a year ago and wrote "sea pie" on it.    and i thought that daddy always handed out the gifts.  why are my memories messed up?


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