Where Joan Gets it From…

Today I went to my mom and dads for a visit and to pick up a chair that my grandad sent me.  I had some soup, played with the kids and chatted with my parents – a pretty nice visit if I dont say so myself.
After a while I went downstairs and my dad followed me.  Then he tossed his head towards the games table and with a challenging look he said "get the ball". (I should point out that my parents bought a 12 game table for Christmas and at that moment it was set to soccer).
Getting the ball I sauntered towards the table and with a look that was just as challenging I threw the ball into the game and it began.
Dad got a good start but I was quick in the wrists and took the lead.  Just before I hit game point dad scored 3 more points and it got really close.  At the last minute I won the game and took great delight in doing a happy dance around the basement.
Then dad threw the ball into the game once more and I realized that game 2 had just begun.  I took a total beating in game 2 and by the end of it I was panting and slightly sweaty.  I also lost and had to watch dad do his own happy dance around the basement. 
With my wrists aching I gave dad a smile and congratulated him as I headed for the stairs and my mommy.  It was at that moment I heard the dreaded words…
"Best 2 out of 3?"
All those sleepless nights of playing solitaire showdown with Joan on the computer came flooding back to me when he said those words because thats exactly how Joan does it.  The same competitiveness, the same goading… and dare I say – the same happy dance???
We switched over to air hockey for game 3 and I suffered.  Not only did dad win, but my knuckles were battered, I had the puck wacked off my head more than once and at one point he slammed me so hard on the board that I had to have a small time out.  Once he had claimed total victory he put the game table away and spent a few minutes making fun of me. 
In my defense I accused him of sneaking downstairs and practicing all the time.  Suddenly serious, he gave the table a final pat and said, "I wish, I wish".
Who knew that dad was the competitive one in the family???

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  1. Joan says:

    our daddy is a good man 😀
    i’ll have to have a game or three with him the next time i’m down there.
    ps:  i have commented on almost all of your blogs lately– check it out before you accuse me yet AGAIN!


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