The Dumbest Thing I Just Did…

About a month ago I went to the guy who now lives in my old apartment and asked him to bring any mail he gets for me to my new apartment upstairs.  Every unit has a storage box outside the door for tennants to leave things for each other so this is where I indicated my mail should be left.  He checked his mail today and my ETR bill was in there so as he and his little boy were going out he decided to come upstairs and leave my mail for me.  Thats his side of it.
On my side, I’m doing laundry.  I took my clothes down to the laundry room and then came back up to get the soap.  I grabbed a few more items that could be washed and flung open my door to exit the apartment.
There was a little boy in the hallway staring right at my door, like something out of a horror movie.  I halted abruptly and gasped in shock.  I then noticed a full sized man to the left of me crouched down and slowly rising into standing position. Forgetting all logic and reason I let out the loudest blood curdling scream ever and leapt backwards into my apartment.
I’m pretty sure he soiled himself and the boy may need therapy.  However, I tried to immediately make ammends by apologizing but the adrenaline did things to my brain and I couldnt stop cackling like a mad woman.
I dont think he’ll bring me my mail anymore.

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