The Morning News.

Just a quick blog to rant about the morning news; Every morning I watch the 6am news so I can A) Learn about whats happening in the world, B) Become more informed, and C) Keep track of the time as I get ready for work.
I do NOT watch the news to learn that chocolate is good for me, that more and more people are becoming obese or hear that procrastination is becoming more of a problem for people.
I would really like to know why news stations think its more important to report on the ridiculous topics than to actually discuss what happened in Parliament the day before, the wars overseas, humanitarian issues…. the list goes on. When did becoming a news reporter mean all you had to do was look good and be able to read a teleprompter?? Its embarrassing to realize that we actually watch this garbage and then think we’re informed about whats happening in the world!
Thats my rant… I’m done now, although I remain thoroughly disgusted with the media.
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  1. Desiree says:

    you are so dumb. it is important for the people on the news to inform us of things that are good or bad for us, or to inform us that people now today are becoming more and more obese, or selfish, or whatever. it is to make us aware of our surroundings becuase we are the people that make up this world. ugh. i’m done with you! PS – nacho’s tonite!!!!!!


  2. Joan says:

    i like your tact dee.  such a gentle way with words.
    i don’t watch the news.  i don’t care about the obesity, chocolate, or procrastination problems.  i also don’t care about parliament or anything else that the "news" is designed to feed us. 


  3. Nathan says:

    I agree B it is just so sad that the society today thinks we care about the minorities in this world but I must say it does make me laugh in the morning and I feel that it should be called the morning crap not news…lol


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