Dee Yelled At Me.

Its not like nothing has happened the past few days, its just that Dee keeps apologizing for yelling at me a few days ago, so I want to talk about it.
I was in her bedroom and she screamed in a very loud voice for me to "Get out right now!"  She apologized 5 minutes later for being so psyco, and has apologized repeatedly since then. 
What I would like to say is that although I love the apologies, its OKAY DEE!  I mean, sure – to yell at me for going into your bedroom is a little strange, but when you take into consideration that when I got to your house you asked me to stay out of it, then when you turned your back I went in, then when you called me to get out I shut the door on you, and when you came in I was trying to hide under your bed, and then you asked me to leave again and I tried to hide under a pile of your clothes, and then stood with a feather scarf wrapped around my throat, ran from you and plastered myself to your closet in a vain attempt to stay in the room…
Its not too crazy to think you would lose your temper!
Apology accepted 😛

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  1. Joan says:

    i don’t get it.  why the urgency?   you guys are both weird.  i understand the situation completely.  it reminded me of the e-mail.


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