A Day Off.

Usually, I wake up to the screech of my alarm clock, my breath visible in my dark bedroom and my eyes glued together with a substance that feels like sandpaper once I get them open.  I rush around to get ready for work and by 7:15am I am in the throws of another day in the life of a career girl.  However today… I took a DAY OFF!
I woke up this morning at 9:15am – it was SO nice to wake up naturally with the sun gently filtered by my bedroom drapes. My blankets were all twirled up around my legs and waist, my hair standing on end and my head comfortable sunk down deep in my pillow.  It was bliss 🙂
I made fresh coffee and used my huge starbucks mug to drink it, then after tinkering around my apartment I headed out to meet mom, desiree and sara at the mall for a nice lunch, more hot coffee and some much needed banking.
After that I did groceries with Sara, in a very leisurely manner I might add – and then came home to veg out.  I’ve knitted, cooked, cleaned and soon, I will head down to the sauna where I will steam myself into a relaxed ball of bliss 🙂
Yes, its been an incredible day.  Some people could get used to this… I however, am a raging workaholic and will be happy to be sitting in front of my computer once again at 7:15 tomorrow morning 😀

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