So Darn GIRLY!!

The other day I was talking to my boss about whether or not he’s happy with the newest member of the staff.  If you read back in my blog, you’ll see that they recently hired a friend of mine and Joans – Lyndsay (She’s working out fabulously by the way!).
Anyway – He tells me that he’s happy with her and that so far, it seems we work well together.  I was happy with his praise and sat back contently to reflect.  It was at that moment he continued by saying that he just uses his headphones sometimes.  I looked at him and asked what that was supposed to mean and he says, "Well, when you guys get going with all the ‘hunny’, ‘oh youre so cute!’, ‘no your so cute’…stuff I just (at this point he adopts the funniest look of disgust) pick up my earbuds and stick them in…"  He then drives his point home by having a slight rant about how theres are girls who arent very girly, then theres girly, then theres me and Lyndz – this last part was said most incredulously with a broad sweep of the hand.
I laughed my head off. 
In other news, this guy I went on a date with last week sent me the most incredible, thoughtful gift to my office for Valentines Day… one of my favorite B&W movies on dvd.  Then there were roses and a teddybear delivered by a secret admirer.  While I’ll admit the whole secret admirer thing is rather creepy, the guy I went on the date with arrived for our second date with roses as well!
I feel sooooooo feminin!  Of course, I still refuse to change my shaving habits 😛

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    i’d like to see your boss at one of our knitting parties!


  2. Bernadette says:

    lol – I dont thing there would be music loud enough… 


  3. LYNDSAY says:

    love the entry, love the job….and love being a girl with you!!!


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