Birth Control.

The other day my sister Joan wrote an endearing blog about a special moment between her and her son.  I read it and emotionally commented that she makes me want kids.
Consider myself cured.
Tonight I babysat Becky and Noah. The evening started well enough and I decided to treat them by taking them to McDonalds for dinner because pizza was going to take 45 minutes and McDonalds has the playhouse.  Sounds good, right?
Oh so wrong!  Once they were playing after dinner, they didnt want to stop.  I asked them to get ready to go, and they asked for one more turn so I said yes.  Then Becky dissapeared into the jungle gym and didnt come out again.  Noah came out and I was able to grab him but he wriggled away from me and dissapeared back inside once more.  I stood there for a few minutes thinking ‘kids will be kids’ when I heard them up inside the tube talking about hiding until I went away.  Then I got mad.
I just sat on the bench and waited for them to come out.  10 minutes went by, then 20.  20 minutes eased into 30 and still I sat there, just silently waiting until they finally came out.  I decided to be an adult about this, so I simply pointed to the clock and said, "I’m not mad, but I am dissapointed. We used up all of our time together tonight and now its time for me to take you home.  We’ll have to pass on icecream and nintendo, but I wont yell since you’ve punished yourselves".
I was rather proud of myself for not hollaring at them when I noticed their bottom lips quivering.  Next thing I knew, they both collapsed into tantrums in the middle of the restaurant and made the hugest scene.  Tossing aside my modern parenting skills I fixed them with a "you better stand up and march now" sort of glare and pointed forcefully to the exit.  We left the restaurant and once in the car I gave them a piece of my mind.
Of course, as it usually is with kids we were the best of friends once again 10 minutes later 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. LYNDSAY says:

    cute story maybe we need a  little more time before kiddles huh???


  2. Bernadette says:

    We do Lynds… we really do…  Thai on Tuesday??


  3. Joan says:

    ha ha ha!  so funny!  i’m coming down there on monday– you’re be uncured before too long, i’m sure.
    i wish i could go out for thai on a whim though!


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