I Miss Mom & Dad :(

I can’t help it – I know I’m too old for this but they’ve never gone away before!  I know they’re having a great time with the kids at Disney land but they could have taken me with them 😛
Tonight I’m sleeping at their place and I’m wearing my moms pjs and my daddys housecoat 🙂  I also got traumatized by Joan in the bathroom and it may be a while before I can talk about it.  I’m off to bed now… only 4 more sleeps till their home – and then I’m telling on you joan 😛
ps – you will be asleep when i leave for work in the morning so I’ll tell you now that I took more than 1 cookie…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    you’re such a bum!!!! how is it possible for you to eat so many cookies and still be a size NOTHING?!?!?!? 


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