Back to Normal :)

8 days ago my parents along with the kids got on a plane and took their first vacation ever.  Never having been the one left before I was a little lost at first.  There were so many things I missed; spontaneous coffees with mom, quick silly phone calls, smiling chocolate kisses and super squishy hugs… all the little pieces that make up a huge chunk of my life were suddenly in Florida.
But then there was Joan.  Just as a piece of my life got on a plane and headed south, another piece got in a van and drove into town with her two little babies, Eli and Anne. 
While I missed my parents and the kids terribly, it was an incredible blessing to be able to stop in and see Jake (Joan) whenever I wanted. We hung out, went for chinese food, she visited my work… The best though was Saturday night; we pulled the couch right up to the big screen tv, made popcorn and nachos, got out moms home-made salsa and her hidden stash of chocolate (sorry mom) and lay on the couch under blankets watching Superman in surround sound and silently handing junk food back and forth to each other. 
On Sunday morning I woke up in my parents bed and sleepily shuffled into the kitchen to eat home made french toast with Joan and the kids, then we all packed into the van and I took them to my church.  Afterwards we grabbed lunch and made a stop at home depot, then said our good-byes and went our seperate ways.  Having Joan home this week made me remember all the great times we had as kids, and a little sad that those days are gone – although its nice that we’re grown up now and dont have to share bath water 😛  Plus she has her adorable offspring… and wow did I ever soak them up this week!  When I saw Anne clutch my teddybear and try rocking it to sleep my heart absolutely melted.
Tonight I was quietly washing up some dishes in my parents house and keeping an eye on the window when the airbus headlights pulled into the driveway.  Within 2 minutes I was once again wrapped up in my dads arms, then my moms and the little kids excited chatter and smiles all around me. 
Strange how they were the ones that went away but I was the one who felt like I just came home. 

One Comment on “Back to Normal :)

  1. ha ha, you’re such a mushpot.  you forgot to mention that i did the dishes in that bathwater before we bathed in it together.  details girl, details!


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