A Seedling

i may be a seedling
but watch me, and wait
someday i will be strong.
my tender shoots are nothing to you yet
but to the insects and small animals I provide shelter
i’m practicing for the day i shelter you.
i can teach you
to stay rooted and reach for the sky
to allow others to find home in your arms.
i will bear fruit
and give you clean air to breathe
i will try to make your world beautiful.
i will always be where you left me
and i will stay there for your children
and their children, and their children…
I may be a seedling
but watch me and wait
someday I will be strong.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

      you are so beautiful and silly you ae strong….p:
     love you B.


  2. Joan says:

    you’re dumb.  ha ha ha.


  3. Bernadette says:

    Jake you’re a big loser!  I touch you with my words darn it!!!


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