I admit it, I’ve caught the buzz. 
Every year I do a nice garden on my balcony but I like to hold out until the May 24 weekend before I start planting.  This year may be different though – the weather is way too good!  Everywhere I go I see the outdoor floral programs starting, my sister Sarah has already started her seedlings indoors and well… come on – I work at a greenhouse, how can I NOT think plants??
So, to switch it up this year I’m going to do some veggies.  I’ll do 2 containers, one with 2 cherry tomato plants, the other with sweet and hot peppers.  I’ll get some window boxes and put all my herbs in those instead (thyme, lemon basil, sage, and oregano) and then in the 2 round planters I’ll do mint and lavender.
I’m not sure I’ll have room to do my flowering plants because I still want to put my hammock back out there and then theres the table and chairs.  Maybe just some hanging baskets and something on the table? hmmm, we’ll see…
What are you guys all doing with your gardens this year? 

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  1. Joan says:

    gee, that was beautiful.   really glad that you gave me the smack-down to read it.  a garden for me?  um… probably not.  they frustrate me.  thinking of planting grass in my flower bed.  maybe a rock garden?  who has time for such things?


  2. Bernadette says:

    I gave you the smack-down because you deserved it.  And you’ll get back into gardening some day when you’re done breeding humans 🙂


  3. LYNDSAY says:

    i love gardening it’s so fun. but i have to admit i am glad that i have a balcony this year…less work. But i still plan to make it loverly!


  4. Melissa says:

    Well when it comes to my garden I have to wait until they lay the sod down and finish my fence which is nearly done now they were working on it today but the ground is to wet to put the sod down right now it is so muddy and full of puddles. But when it is done I am going to do some cherry tomatoes and I want to do some sunflowers for sure but I think for now I am going to wing it because I have a desighn in mind for my yard and it will take some time. On another note I am on the market for a BBQ if anyone here’s of a good sale keep me in mind K?
    Bye for now B,
    Love you…….Mae


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