The Dental Experience.

First off, I AM NOT a big baby. 

Second, it didnt take 5 people to hold me down, nor did I punch the dentist in the face.  As specified in my mass email I only tried to remove the needle of fire that she was embedding in my brain, and it only took 3 people to stop me, NOT 5 (sniff).

For those of you who dont know, it all began with a Taco on Wednesday night. I bit down and 1/4 of my back molar broke off, just like that.  I freaked out, panicked, phoned my mom… I prayed to God, considered the possibility that I was dying and ate 2 more taco’s while pondering it all (hey, I cant let them go to waste! :P)

The next day, my dental office was closed so I visited a new dentist.  For the sake of argument, lets call him Dr. Rip-Off.  He glances inside my mouth, takes an xray, walks away and leaves me for an hour and then comes back to tell me I need a $1200 root canal, payable right then. I told him I needed time to think about it and he walked out.  10 minutes later I was told that he wasnt coming back and could leave, but before I left they charged me $100 for nothing.

I leave fuming, and head to Tim Hortons.  I was starving and decided to chance a bagel and a coffee even though my tooth was starting to ache.  I take one bite of the bagel and suddenly HALF my tooth breaks off! And then came the pain.  To make a long story short, lots of prayer and a call to mom landed me at another dental clinic in Welland later that afternoon, the same place becky and noah go to.

The dentist, lets call him Dr. Beautiful Angel, explained to me that the filling I had 10 years ago had cracked at some point and over the years bacteria had slowly built up and decayed the tooth down to the roots.  The top looked healthy, but with nothing really holding it together it was just falling apart now.  The bottom line was that I could either have it reconstructed ($3000 for a root canal, new filling and crown) or have it extracted ($74) and have a new partial made for me ($800).  He then gave me a free temporary filling to cover the exposed nerve so I wouldnt be in pain while I made my decision.  Like I said, he was Dr. Beautiful Angel.

Needless to say, I had the sucker pulled yesterday.  Mom went with me and kindly took photos for my blog here.  She also took the liberty of emailing them to all my sisters, aunts, uncles, etc…  Oh well, thats family for you 🙂  And although it did take 3 people to hold me down, and although they did have to spend 10 minutes convincing me that my tougne was NOT swelling in my throat, and although they did have to talk to me in soothing voices while mom rubbed my hands, I consider myself a brave warrior 😛

So, people – if you have old fillings, go get them checked!!  Stay tuned for when I get my replacement 6 weeks from now 😛

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I use food to show love, I make things because it helps me connect to my inner self, and I use social media because it's how I connect to other like-minded people. My life happens between the kitchen, the craft room and the gardens. This blog is where I keep track, work it out, and share my ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts back with me!

One thought on “The Dental Experience.

  1. yeah, that’s pretty insane that the only dentist who was honest with you was the PEDIATRIC dentist that becky and noah go to!   yeah, after an ordeal like that i can see why you decided to go with dentures.  ha ha… you love me!  ha ha ha!


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