I’m Back…

So, I thought I would try blogging with google instead, but then I just quit blogging!  After a rather harsh admonishment from my sister Joan (no, I did NOT fall off the face of the earth, btw) I’ve decided to come back to MSN and hope that they dont add anymore of that annoying ad space to my blog page.
Hmmm… what have I been up too.  Lets see – I was away in Ohio last week for week, and that was pretty fun.  Columbus, Ohio is such a nice city, very modern with a lot of culturalism.  I’m planning on going back again for a few days next month just for some R&R, thats how nice I thought it was 🙂  If anyone is looking for a good place to escape to for a few days, think about going there – lots of museums, parks, science centers and theaters, great restaurants and an awesome down town and German village. Plus its only a 5.5 hour drive away – Just avoid the creamy sausage gravy!  Yup, they really eat that crap down there… if you dont believe me, check out the pics – a waitress brought me a free sample and I photographed it.  Upon sampling I found out that I was wrong about it giving me an instant heart-attack, but I was right about it being disgusting.  She took it away un-eaten 🙂
I also spent some time the weekend before with Greg and his parents here in the Falls, and the day before in Port Dover on the boat.  I got a wicked sunburn with some interesting white hand prints mixed throughout simply because I didnt smear my sunblock, only patting it on before hitting the water.  Dumb, dumb, dumb… made even dumber by the fact that I do this EVERY year, lol.
And my garden is doing really good, so I posted pics of that as well.  I also have a house guest for the next month (Desiree) and I have to admit its been interesting.  She calls me the cleaning nazi because I make my bed and clean my bathroom, and we have interesting debates over where the clear straps went for our bras and whether or not I was wearing her underwear this morning (I WASNT!).  She also sleeps with her mouth open and sometimes I think about squirting the water bottle in there for fun, but she doesnt know that so we’ll keep it between us 😉
Oh, and in 45 days I turn 30 🙂  My birthday party will probably be out at mom and dads, and I’ve instructed Desiree to make the theme "Strawberries and Champagne" – with the cake being Strawberry Shortcake!  I’m hoping to keep it nice and tasteful, and maybe momma will rent me a pony…
Consider yourselves updated (Joan) 😛

One thought on “I’m Back…

  1. i don’t see the pictures 🙂
    when you told me that you’d blogged, i checked out your blogspot and thought that there was something wrong with my computer because it was still saying the same old nonsense that it had said for over a month.  then just for fun i checked out your msn page and — tada!! yay!  i’m so glad that you’ve returned.  what would i do without that shiny little asterisk beside your name every time that you update?!
    i laughed.  i’m glad that you’re back.  how did we stay in touch before blogging?


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