I like to wear tube tops in the summer.  They look nice, prevent tan lines and go with almost everything.  They are not the trashy versions of the 80’s when girls wandered around in tight little scraps of fabric, bra-less boobs hanging everywhere and tummies exposed. No way, I mean nice, long, comfortably fitted, bra’d, tube tops. When worn with summer pants, a long necklace and minimal make-up, they look classy, fashionable and hot. When wearing such an outfit, a girl will recieve many appreciative glances from elderly ladies who nod their heads in approval and smile nostalgically as they remember their own youth…
Take a girl wearing such an outfit, and have her suddenly push a stroller containing her 2 year old neice and it becomes a whole other story. Everything about you screams "teenage-pregnancy-resulting-in-hoochy-momma-lookin’-for-a-guy-in-a-bar-teeth-optional" and no matter what you do, you’re stuck wearing that outfit while you wander the mall because you thought it looked good and didnt even consider the fact that adding a baby to the mix would be that one accessory that made it all "too much".
I love Rilynn, but the next time I take her out its going to be a t-shirt and sweat pants deal 😉

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  1. LYNDSAY says:

    cute one Bernie, they are just jealous!!!!


  2. Joan says:

    wow, you totally lost me with the first paragraph!  i understood the hoochy-teenaged-momma looks though.  i get them while wearing t-shirts and sweats and my wedding ring.  the dirty looks go up a notch or two with each additional child.  you can borrow my kids if you want the full experience.  who knew you could still get that look when you’re so close to 30 eh?  welcome to my life!


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