Dream Land

When my sister Joan and I were little, we shared a room and every night before going to sleep we would agree to meet up in "dream land".  Sometimes we would talk about the things we would do, or where to find each other and then in the mornings we would continue over breakfast by saying, "hey, did you see me with…" and "ya, remember we did that…"  lol…kids 🙂
Anyway, Dream Land ceased to exist as we grew older but it always comes to mind when I have weeks like the last one. Between work, dinners, babysitting, a wedding and a surgery, I just didnt get a whole lot of sleep! As the week progressed, I had become more and more zombie-like, and on Friday morning I over slept by an hour and STILL woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. 
In my zombie-like state, I pulled through Tim Hortons drive thru’s and tried to give my order to the garbage can, flipped over things (like furniture), walked into things (like walls) and woke up in the middle of the night in various positions such as sitting at the end of my bed or standing in my diningroom.
The sleep walking was made even more interesting by the fact that my sister Desiree ALSO sleep walks. Thursday night I had the crap scared out of me when Desiree suddenly shrieked in her sleep because she was convinced that I was standing over her…. This caused me to then have nightmares that Desiree was in MY room standing over me!  I kept waking up (about 3 times) in the upright position, poised in flight on the edge of my bed because of these stupid little nightmares and after the last one I calmed down enough to sleep the rest of the night.  The next day, while laughing at myself and groaning over how tired I was, Desiree calls me at work and says, "what a weird night eh?  I woke up one time and I was standing in your room…"
I can just imagine what it looks like in my apartment at night, the 2 of us sleep walking around and talking out loud… sheesh.  For the record, I’m putting a chain lock on my bedroom door until she moves out 😛

One thought on “Dream Land

  1. i don’t get how this relates to the boy vs girl thing.  but i do remember dream land…  i wonder if we did actions in our sleep while we were there?


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