Vacation Season

This past weekend I went on my first camping trip of the season, and it was awesome 🙂  I’ve been officially dubbed, "the camp geek", have some nice color on my skin and am already anticipating my next jaunt into the woodlands. I dont have any photo’s of my weekend to post but I’ll try to remember photographs the next time I go.
We went to WildWood Conservation area, and for the record, I wouldnt really recommend that place for a nice relaxing camping trip.  None of knew what it would be like, only that it was a good price and that it had availability for the long weekend, so we were a little surprised to find that not all camping areas are made equal 😛  It was like a really big trailer parking lot with some tents mixed in here and there. Our campsite was the "large" tent site and it backed onto a field that was used by all the other campers for their sporting events. It was barely large enough to hold 2 vehicles and 2 tents, but we made it work. At night, all the teenagers and adults who wished they were teenagers drank up a storm and screamed obsenities to each other to look cool. Security was lax, there was no noise curfew and on the second night there we were all up pretty late because of a party happening a few campsites down.
But all that aside, we were STILL able to appreciate the fun of camping, and although I think none of us loved the park, we all enjoyed camping with each other 🙂 We had great meals cooked on the bbq, took long walks through the woods, read books and played with the kids. On the second night we huddled under blankets with the lantern and played Settlers of Cattan and ate huge amounts of candy, and earlier in the day Greg and I went into St. Marys and found a cute little country store with home-made jams, finger puppets and a petting zoo with baby goats.  We also bought firewood for $7… and they gave us a bag and said we could stuff as much fire wood in it as it would hold. We took that bag to the wood pile and strategically laid wood in it, eventually filling it so much that we had to drag it back to the truck and work together to hoist it up onto the tail gate. I wouldnt be surprised if they revise their pricing policy after that… 😛
So, it was a great time, and I’m really looking forward to going again, maybe next time to The Pinery because I’ve heard great things about it. Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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  1. Joan says:

    sounds like you had a good time.  i love that you can’t even go camping without fitting some shopping into the schedule– ADDICT!  i think next time you should go to the cottage with the rest of the family… so much fun!  we could have played settlers too!


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