The Birthday Blog

Almost a week ago I turned 30, and since then, everyone has hounded me to blog about it. It was one of – if not the best birthday I ever had and by the end of the weekend I felt so blessed to have so many friends and such a great family. Greg and his kids came to stay the weekend with me, Desiree threw me a fabulous bbq and bonfire party, a lot of people came to celebrate with me and over the course of the weekend I was spoiled rotten by Greg who took me to Clifton Hill, The Rain Forest Cafe, Happy Ralphs Animal Farm and on sunday after church we went to the flea market where I found awesome books for a dollar! Mom and Dad allowed my party to be out at their place, and I loved all my presents – you guys really surprised me this year – I only expected lots of birthday cards telling me I’m getting old 😛
By Sunday afternoon I was exhausted and as soon as I said goodbye to Greg and the kids I passed out in my bedroom for 2 hours, and then spent most of the next day just vegging out and doing nothing except for baking 2 pies and having dinner at Paulines. 
But on a reflective note, all I can say is "I’m 30. It’s not that bad".  Because honestly, I still feel the same 🙂  I never at any point in my life, thought 30 was old or even close to being old so its not like I’m about to have some sort of life-crisis. I can say that I’m thinking more seriously about my life now, but honestly I’ve been thinking about that for the past few years anyway.
Maybe the weirdest part is knowing that I’ve officially seen 2 decades of my life go by, or maybe its knowing that I am 100% grown up now… This is it, I’m me, and its time to see what I can build off the foundation I laid.  Crap – why didnt I listen to mom and dad more! 😛  Seriously though, I’m happy with where I am.  I’m healthy, I’m intelligent (shut up Joan), I’m loved and I’m saved; To feel like my life is lacking would almost be ungrateful.
There you have it 🙂

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  1. LYNDSAY says:

    that is the truth you are very blessed Bernie!!! I am back from NYC we should do coffee and tell secrets:) Love you…Lynds 


  2. Joan says:



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