Happy Hallowe’en.

I never went trick-or-treating until I was 12. As one of 7 children in a Christian family, it would have been a monumental task for my mom to take us out, plus we lived out in the country so it would have required a trip into town; Those 2 factors along with the possiblitly of being frowned upon by some people at church were enough for my parents to decide that we didnt need to go trick-or-treating.
When I turned 12, and our family had moved into the suburbs it became a different story. My sister Joan and I donned costumes and went out with our friends soliciting the night for candy. I had such a great time that as I got older I just couldnt find that age where I had become too old. I’ve always looked younger than my age anyway so I got away with it for a while until the day when I was 21 and a woman asked, "aren’t you a little old to be doing this?".  It probably didnt help that I was drinking a Tim Hortons coffee….
So, in the spirit of Halloween I’ll sit the pumpkin I carved outside and place a bowl of candy beside it in hopes that the children in my neighborhood are honest. My mom and I have some special trick-or-treating plans of our own… I’m grabbing coffee and will meet up with her at Bulk Barn where we’ll be able to shop at our leisure since the store will be deserted; Hallowe’en PRE dark is ridiculously busy, Hallowe’en POST dark is beautifully quiet 🙂
On that note I’ll leave you with an interesting little piece of Hallowe’en history that I picked up about 2 weeks ago:
The "Jack-O-Lantern" is an old irish myth about a pumpkin farmer named Jack who came across the devil one night sitting up in a tree. Taking his knife he carved the symbol of the Holy Cross into the trunk, imprisoning the devil within its branches. The devil begged and pleaded with Jack to release him, promising to never tempt him to evil again. Jack accepted this bargain and released the devil.
When Jack died he was refused entry into Heaven for his betrayal and refused entry into hell for his treachery. Forced to wander the earth for eternity, Jack holds a torch inside a hollowed out pumpkin as a beacon of his grief and sorrow.
Scary story eh? 😛 
Happy Hallowe’en!

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  1. Joan says:

    yeah the story about jack was scary, but i got lost by the absolute BLATANT LIE that you posted on the internet: "I’ve always looked younger than my age"


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