Catch Up

As usual, I’ve fallen behind on my bloggery and the main reason is because I have been WAY too busy 🙂
Things I’ve done since my last post are: Visit the Gilmores in Oshawa for Dereks 30th birthday, visit the Penners numerous times so I can become an obsessed aunty to Taira, work (of course), visit Greg (of course!) and bake like I’ve never baked before… Seriously, I have 2 balls of butter cookie dough, 1 large ball of chocolate chip cookie dough, and one large ball of shortbread cookie dough all waiting in my freezer for the glorious day they can meet my stove 😀 On my to-do list are mini pies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, chocolate cupcakes and homemade eggnog – that recipe is courtesy of franky’s momma.  I LOVE the Holidays!!
Last weekend when I was in London I had the great opportunity to go with Gregs family to see ‘Anne of Green Gables’ at the Grand Theater. It was a great day all around, In the morning I baked cookies with the kids and then spent some quiet time knitting while the kids read and played on the computers and Greg did little things around the condo. His parents picked us up around 1pm and we headed off to the theater. The show was great – the story itself just wasnt my favorite but the sets were spectacular, and the music and vocals were just amazing – I’ll admit that I had a tear or two in my eye during different scenes 🙂  The theater itself is really gorgeous too, its been way too long since I’ve been in one. Afterwards we went to Swiss Chalet for dinner and then back to Gregs to watch a movie all together and have tea and cookies.
The next day we all went to church and then spent the remainder of the day Christmas shopping… Again, I LOVE Christmas 😀
Ottawa was fun too. The weather was great for the drive up and other then it being really cold there I have no complaints. The hotel was near a restaurant and a gas station so I didnt have to venture too far out of the way for either that evening when I got there, and the next morning I woke up with lots of time to prepare for my meeting and drink coffee. The meeting went well, and afterwards I had about an hour to kill to avoid the heaviest traffic so I took my map and headed up to Parliament Hill which was only 10 minutes away. I hadnt been there since I was in grade 7 so it was nice to see it as an adult. Downtown Ottawa is beautiful so after snapping a few shots of the Parliament buildings I walked around and found a warm little restaurant with a huge window that looked over the street.  It was a whirlwind trip, but there were definite moments of enjoyment:)
This weekend will be our annual Sisters-Sleepover, and the next day our LeBrun family Christmas Party. Joan, Derek and the kids will be here, my Grampa will be here, and all of my nieces and nephews will be under 1 roof for 1 night – 6 cuddly little kids to adore all at once! I’ll make sure I blog it early next week.
Have a great weekend!  PS – Franky was taking a photo the moment I fell in love with his daughter. I’ve posted it below:

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