People often tell me that I can cram more excitement into 1 weekend than most people do in a month, so when an opportunity arises for Greg and I to do nothing, we seize it.  It’s not that we dont love being busy; We’re the ones to blame for our hectic schedules but the past few months our calendar has been booked solid and suddenly this weekend, we didnt have to be anywhere or do anything.
Friday night was the usual. I came home from work and started dinner (lasagna) and when Natasha got home we spent some time doing some chores and hanging out. Greg got to my house around 7pm and at about 7:30 the 3 of us sat down to a nice candlelight dinner and all chatted about our week for a while.  After dinner I cleaned up quickly and then Greg and I decided to run to Walmart so I could buy baby toys for my bunny and then maybe run for a latte. We headed out as planned and chatted about silly things while we shopped and sipped our hot drinks and after we left Walmart Greg asked me if I wanted to go finish our coffees by the lake or if I just wanted to go home. Feeling like it was a nice night I suggested we go with option 1 – who wouldnt? Its completely ordinary for us to do something like that, and we hadnt had much time to ourselves lately.
There by the water we sat in the dark and talked about how amazing the holidays were, and how weird it felt to be away from each other now. It was a serious and romantic conversation and completely private in nature so I dont want to go into detail – all I can say is that we had lapsed into a moment of peaceful, cozy silence when I heard a tiny noise. Raising my head off his shoulder I caught a sparkle of moonlight from something in his hand while my brain registered that he had just asked me to be his wife.
For a boy who plans the most perfect dates, he certainly planned the most perfect proposal. Completely taking me by surprise; no props, no flash – just him, me, a perfect moment,  and an expressed desire to love me, care for me and share his life with me if I’d have him. I said yes 🙂

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