Planning a Wedding

I figured an update on the wedding plans was in order 🙂
Greg and I got engaged on January 4th and since then we’ve set the date for June 14th, 2008. We’ve booked the church, the hall, secured the tables and chairs, booked the pastor and even selected our attendants.  We know where we’re getting our wedding cake and the invitations, and we’re starting to look at musicians. I’ve started a wedding binder complete with tabbed sections and subsections and on Sunday my sister Pauline and I are driving to London so she can see the church and the hall. This will help her help us when it comes to decorating ideas 🙂  I also now have a tiara to wear… thats right people, they arent just for my birthday anymore!!
Not bad for only being engaged 14 days 😀
We also attempted to go to our first bridal show this week – Last Monday, I left the office at 2:30pm and drove to Welland to pick up Pauline so we could attend the welcome wagon bridal show in London. We got up there around 5:45 and Pauline got to see my new home (after June 14) and then the 3 of us went to Kelseys for dinner. We had a nice meal and then went to the Best Western where the show was but when we got there the hotel was way too quiet. Greg found the concierge who then told him that we were not the first people that night to be looking for the bridal show. Apperantly, the Welcome Wagon misprinted the date in all their material! The show isnt until February 25th, NOT Jan. 14…  We were a little stunned at having driven the whole way there but then Greg took us to a really great coffee pub where we sat on couches and talked about the wedding over chai lattes. We got back to St. Catharines around 12:30am, and although we were well fed, coffee’d and comfy, we were no closer to meeting caterers and florists then we were before. Hopefully we can change that this weekend.
I’m enjoying being engaged 🙂 Our families are happy, we’re happy, and every time I see him now I get this feeling of "forever". Its silly I know, but I AM a girl 😛 

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  1. LYNDSAY says:

    I love the way you write Bernie….awesome:)


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