Weekend Report – 01/18/2008

This weekend kicked off with my momma’s 52nd birthday, and all the LeBrun girls in the area assembled at our parents house with spouses and offspring for the festivities. As head chef (aka kitchen control freak) I organized and prepared my moms favorite dinner of tacos and salad, with some french fries on the side for the kids. Pauline helped chop everything up while Becky grated a ton of cheese and by about 7pm we had the food on the table for a buffet style dinner.  My mom is also on a sugar-free diet against her will, so when it comes to birthday cakes its an ongoing challenge to find a recipe for a cake thats both healthy and tasty. I’ll admit, in past years I’ve failed on the "tasty" side of things and my brother-in-law Greg doesnt miss an opportunity to remind me of that, but this year I enlisted the help of my sister Joan and together we nailed it! Joan picked the recipe, we discussed variations, and then I baked it that night and the next day at the birthday party everyone finished their slice without complaining and then made sure to tell me that I finally baked a good HEALTHY cake – yay!!!  Thanks Joan!  The night also consisted of lots of clean up (I love paper plates) and a riveting game of JENGA between Noah and Greg (Fiance). Things were close in that game, close enough for mom to get out the video camera – and then my little Noah won! It was awesome 😀
Saturday morning, Greg and I drove to Hamilton where we met his parents. After parking his car, we all drove together to Toronto for the boat show. I had never been, and it was amazing! We spent the whole day wandering around and climbing all through these big boats, boats with bedrooms and kitchens and dining areas and one even had 3 televisions! In the accessories area we watched children play on paddle boats in small pools of water, looked at anchors and engines and then I fell in love with a huge water-totter – what a great invention!!  We samples garlic butters, watched a live infomercial for chamois (shamees) and ate fresh pizza for lunch. Our busy day ended with coffee at Starbucks in TO, then dinner in Burlington and finally back at my place where Greg and I rented a movie and let our feet have a break from so much walking.  By the way, ‘Mr. Brooks’ is a very disturbing movie 🙂
Sunday morning I picked Pauline up at 8am and we headed to London where we met Greg for church. It was a great service, and afterwards there were many congratulations from members of the congregation 🙂  Pauline and I wandered the hallways, the auditorium, the kitchen and the hall, taking photos and talking about how we were going to decorate for the wedding. Then Greg took us out for a nice lunch and we headed to a bridal show in London that Greg found by accident that morning 🙂  The show was great but I dont really feel any more organized then I did. Its becomming imperative that I nail down a caterer soon, although I think we are almost settled on the musicians. BUT – we got to sample lots of chocolate, and that was pretty great.  After the show we went to the farm so Pauline could meet Gregs parents and after a nice visit we headed back to St. Catharines, making it home around 8pm.
4 months and 24 days to go!!

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I use food to show love, I make things because it helps me connect to my inner self, and I use social media because it's how I connect to other like-minded people. My life happens between the kitchen, the craft room and the gardens. This blog is where I keep track, work it out, and share my ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts back with me!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Report – 01/18/2008

  1. ps: notice how i ALWAYS comment on your blogs, even if it’s just a short comment?  yeah… i like you to know that i read them and that they’re enjoyed.  i’m thoughtful that way.


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