Niagara, I’m Dissapointed.

When you live in Niagara, its pretty hard to pretend winter doesnt exist. Believe me, I tried.
First, its really hard to plan something indoors that doesnt cost you a fortune. Thats the downside of living in a tourist area I suppose, everything costs 3x more than anywhere else. Yesterday, Greg and I had a great plan – go to the Butterfly conservatory and then maybe, just maybe we would do some tobagganing. We started out just before noon with a little more time on our hands than we originally thought; one of the stores I was supposed to go to stayed closed because of the snow on the ground. Fine, I understand if no one wants to plough, and I understand if people cant make the drive into work.
But then we got out to Niagara Falls and discovered that the Butterfly Conservatory was closed too. This was harder to accept, I was really looking forward to that heat and vegetation! So then we decided to go rent a few movies, stop at Pauline and Gregs to say hi and then go to the mall since we do love malls.  Unfortunately, when we got to the Pen it was 1/2 closed as well, and while we walked around it became 3/4 closed.
What is wrong with everyone? It wasnt even that bad of a storm, and there were lots of people out driving yesterday. Greg and I ended up having a nice day anyway, its not often you get to walk around a deserted mall or drive downtown Niagara Falls without traffic. And of course, Starbucks WAS open so we did get to have our lattes 🙂 The day finished with us watching movies, reading books and I used the time to make us a nice big pizza at home, which we inhaled for our dinner.
While I do wish we’d been able to stick to our original plan it was still a great, relaxing weekend and we got in some quality time together. Its amazing though how a whole region can go into lock down and the sight of a snow fall.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    i’m totally getting you pizza and lattee’s for your wedding gift.


  2. LYNDSAY says:

    we Canadians are wimps….:)


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