Sunny Days.

Wasnt it just AMAZING that this weekend we had sunshine and warm weather?? What a great back drop to spending the weekend with all the people you love 🙂
Friday night Greg and the kids arrived at my place around 7pm and we all had dinner together, then cleaned up and went to Port Dalhousie for some fresh air and exercise. The air was very misty so we didnt walk far but we grabbed some hot chocolate and took a stroll just to make the trip worth-while. After we got home we watched some television together on the couch and had dessert and I’d say we were all out like a light by 11:30pm… nothing to strenuous 🙂
Saturday morning we all awoke to a beautiful spring day, and by 9:30 am we were all fed, dressed and out the door. Greg and Faith went to the Humane Society to play with the dogs while Skylagh and I went to the mall and got our ears pierced. Skylagh was really nervous so I allowed Talia to pierce my earlobes a second time, and then Sky got in the chair and had it done – the poor little thing was shaking like a leaf, but she got through it 🙂 Afterwards we consoled ourselves with some shopping for hair accessories and then met up with Greg and Faith at the mall entrance where we went back in and did even more shopping!  After purchasing a necklace and sunglasses for me, and a new purse for each of his daughters Greg put his wallet away and ushered the 3 of us out of the mall 😀
For the afternoon we picked up my niece Becky and the 5 of us had lunch at Swiss Chalet and then headed for the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. It was amazing! Becky discovered that she was scared of butterflies and clung to me tight but after about 30 minutes she relaxed and allowed butterflies to land on her. Mom also dropped Noah off so Greg and I toured the gardens with all 4 children and then made a visit to the gift shop where we did NOT buy anything! We made a stop at Tim Hortons for treats and and then dropped Bex and Noah off at mom and dads and went back to my place where we had a light dinner and played ‘catch’ in the backyard until it was time for my little family to go back to London.  Saturday night I went to Paulines and hung out with my other neice Rilynn until her bed time and then Pauline and I rented 3:10 to Yuma and chilled on the couch with some chocolate cake.
Sunday morning I woke up late and had a lazy morning of drinking coffee, eating pineapple and cleaning out the drawer to my bakers rack. I went to church for 11am and after the service I drove to Pauline and Gregs and picked up Rilynn for our afternoon together. We grabbed a roast chicken from Zehrs and went out to mom and dads and had a really nice afternoon of kite flying, tree swinging and frog catching. Rilynn was SO caked in mud by the time I had to take her home that she ended up getting dropped off in her little emergency sweat pants and no socks or shoes 🙂 The rest of the night was spent recovering with a hot meal, a hot shower and a good book.
Something really cool is that Pauline and Greg are moving in 2 weeks into a house!  I got to have a tour Thursday night and went with mom for a tour again yesterday, and I just know they’ll love being there. Its a cute little neighborhood, and they have a HUGE backyard, a garage, a shed, 2 bedrooms and a large "whatever" room on the second floor, a dining room, enclosed sun room, livingroom, kitchen and bathroom all on the main floor and a full basement and laundry room below. They’re also walking distance to almost everything 🙂 
8 weeks and 5 days until the wedding!

2 Comments on “Sunny Days.

  1. two comments for you: 
    first of all– ha ha ha ha ha!  YOU had to be the tough guy when it came to getting your ears pierced?!?  ha ha ha… i don’t have a lot of childhood memories but i sure remember getting our ears pierced!
    and second:  what do you mean "i woke up late" on sunday??  you had time to clean and get to church for 11. that’s NOT sleeping late.
    i’m glad that you blogged!


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