Tony Fernandez

Last weekend was Gregs big night; His pre-season event featuring Tony Fernandez 🙂
The whole evening went really well and I was so proud of him.  I dont know much about baseball so its legends are lost on me, but even I could feel the excitement of the evening and the love that filled the hall when Tony was introduced. As he walked up the aisle to the stage and people all around us clapped and whistled I felt like I was going to burst with pride for my fiance 🙂 The evening flowed rather smoothly, beginning with the catered dinner. Tony seemed quiet for the duration of the meal but I figured he was tired since he had just flown in from Florida and then made the drive from Toronto. Near the end of the main course he engaged Greg in conversation about his baseball league and outreach plans and before dinner was over we were notified that ticket holders were already arriving. From there its all a bit of a blur to me – I think everything finished up around 10pm 🙂 The sermon was awesome, the fans were happy, everyone got their photos taken with Tony and memorabilia was autographed… and before the night was over Greg was already starting to plan his event for next year. There was so much food at the reception afterwards and the Teen Challenge Farm had a booth set up as the token charity and the local Christian radio station had an event wagon outside although we dont know much about what they did, we were so busy. We finished the night by driving to Kelseys and in a quiet corner we talked about all our favorite moments over nachos and burgers.
It was a really great, memorable night and I’m glad – because with 6 weeks left until the wedding, things are going to get interesting 🙂

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