Training For My First Race.

Last week I spent the most of the week laying in bed, and when I felt ambitious I would go and lay on the couch. The flu left me hungry and thirsty most of the week and each day I lost weight and strength. By the 4th day  I couldnt even twist the lid off my bottle of gingerale without fully exerting myself and I had an unhealthy weightloss of 5lbs. This blog isnt about me having the flu, but once you understand how bad it was and what it did to me you’ll understand why I’m so proud of myself 😀
I keep a few pieces of exercise equipment at my place so Monday night and Tuesday night I did a few sit ups, some stretches and some light weights. Wednesday night I decided to go to the YMCA and do some training. The worst part about losing last week is that at the end of this month Joan and I are entered into an 8km race so I should have been training last week, not passed out in bed and starving.
So Wednesday evening I went to the gym to assess the damage and I was really pleased! After warming up I did my weights and stretches, a few sit ups and so on, and then I hit the track. The first kilometer was hard but once I got into it I was able to run 3km. Then I speed-walked another 2km – it was awsome!! I capped it by doing 1000 meters on the rowing machine and more stretches, then picked up a roast chicken and some rice and went home to devour it. I was SO hungry that I didnt even use a plate – I just ripped the lid off the chicken pan, grabbed a fork and dove in 😀
I was a bit sore yesterday morning but after work I headed back to the gym. This time I ran 4km and speed walked another 4km! Thats my 8km that I need for the race, now all I have to do is work on my cardio so I can run the whole way. I also did more weights, stretches, sit ups and 1500 meters on the rowing machine. I’m incredibly proud of myself!
The nice thing about all this exercise and training is that it gives me time mentally to just RELAX. There are only 4 weeks left to the wedding and I have a list of things to do that spans 2.5 pages of my daytimer. I realized last night while I was running that my mind was blank. I was just so relaxed, it was a great moment… My breathing was deep, my eyes were trained on the track, my feet had a nice rythmic thud… everything was warm and sweaty… it was so peaceful. I used to think that this race couldnt have come at a worse time, but now I think it came at the perfect time 🙂
I’m interested in finding out the best foods to be eating right now – I want high energy, sustaining foods. Any suggestions?

3 Comments on “Training For My First Race.

  1. sister dear, i’m SO proud of you!  i’ll admit, i was pretty scared when we went for our one km run with becky and sky.  it’s great that you’re working so hard.  as far as what to eat; the internet has limitless amounts of information for that.  eat healthy foods all the time and you’ll find that when your body isn’t processing sugar and unhealthy-fats, you’ll have far more energy to commit to your run.  also…. some granola/fruit/yoghurt mix or a smoothie after a run are really your best bets.  give your body lots of protein so that your muscles can repair themselves before you call on them the next day.  congratulations again, i told you 8km wasn’t that hard! 


  2. good job sista!!! that is awesome. glad you are feeling better too:)


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