Getting the Most Out of it.

It wont be long now!  The wedding is 16 days away and between now and then I have the move, fittings, last minute details, 1 more marriage councelling session and a ton of other details to keep me busy and without sleep 🙂 
I’ll admit that I’m going to miss Niagara. I think I can say that and still convey how happy I am that Greg and I are going to be married soon. It’ll be fun getting to know my new home and exploring everything it has to offer but for now I’m making the most of being close to all my favorites.
This past weekend Greg came to visit me in Niagara for the last time. The next time we spend a weekend here together we’ll both be visitors! Friday night we babysat Rilynn for Pauline and Greg, ordered pizza and watched the movie Enchanted, which has become my new favorite disney movie 🙂 It was a very late night so we were a bit tired on Saturday but we still had a lot of fun. We went to Michaels so I could obsess over cake pans (and Greg got me one!) and then went to Montebello Park for the Niagara Fold Arts Festival. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day so we sat in the grass and ate ‘butterfly fries’ and wandered the booths looking at hand made jewellery, ethnic clothing and pottery. The guy who plays the pan flute at all the Niagara Festivals was there and there were pony rides for the children. I think we spent about an hour and a half at the festival and then as we left we ducked across the street and shopped at the used book store while debating which star trek movie was the best 🙂
Later that afternoon we went suit shopping for Greg and after finding a really great one that looked fantastic on him (wiggling eyebrows) we went to Swiss Chalet for dinner and then ran across the parking lot of the mall to catch the 7pm showing of the new Indiana Jones movie. I loved it, Greg liked it, and we both had a great time. We caught our second wind after the movie and drove out to the hill in Niagara Falls to play some games at the arcade and drink lattes at Starbucks.
On Sunday Greg had to leave and as I was getting ready for church my sister Desiree called me. We went to church together and then went to Port Mansion and had lunch on the patio. We went back to my house to drink lemonaid and lay in the backyard and around 2pm my friend Lyndsay came over. The 3 of us lounged for a while and then after Desiree left Lynds and I took off to Niagara on the Lake to eat banana splits at the Parmalat dairy factory. Hers was a mass of chocolate and fudge with caramel, mine was strawberry icecream with crushed pineapple and whipcream. We sat at the picnic table and obsessed about my wedding details and afterwards we went to Happy Rolphs Animal Farm to be one with nature.
It was a fantastic weekend and I dont think I could have asked for a better one 🙂 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    i’m jealous.  ha ha. 
    it sounds like a great weekend.  exhausting, but great. 
    you spend too much money.  ha ha ha.
    the only star trek movie that i remember is the one where that worm thing went in the guy’s ear and it was SO revolting.


  2. LYNDSAY says:

    love the photos Bernie:) They are so great! Hope you are doing well in London town! See you soon little lady.


  3. Unknown says:

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