The 8km Race.

At the ages of 9 and 10, Mom and Dad allowed Joan and I to raise money for the 10km Terry Fox run.  We registered as walkers, raised lots of money and bright and early that Sunday morning they dropped us off at the meeting place and gave us quarters for the pay phone and told us to call when we got tired. No one really expected us to finish, not even the other contestants.  We walked our hearts out and when I felt like giving up Joan would stop me from calling mom and we’d walk a bit further. Finally the end was in sight and we walked our weary legs to a tree and laid out at the base in the shade.  I remember 3 teenage girls came to us at that point and said that they were impressed with us for finishing. Joan and I were blown away – compliments. From teenagers!! Could there be anything greater?
Now fast forward 20 years.
The Alphie Shrubb 8km race in Bowmanville is an annual event and this year Joan and I were on the registrar.  For Joan, this was a chance to test herself. She has trained vigorously for months and months. In fact, she could have probably run a 15km race quite easily. This one was mostly about being among other people who love running, indulging in her competitive nature and sharing a hobby with her sister. For me, it was about proving something to myself, and sharing my sisters hobby with her 🙂
I’ve probably been running now for about 2 years but I’ve never really pushed myself on it. Although I ran fairly regularly (except in the extreme winter) I was happy doing 2km’s and occasionally 4kms. The past few months I’ve had to kick it up a notch and as of the day before the race I was convinced I wouldnt see the finish line. You can imagine how I felt then as Joan and I passed the 4km marker, crossed the 6km marker, then the 7km marker and that beautiful finish line came into sight.
Crossing that finish line with Joan was probably one of the most amazing feelings ever. We were no where near first, but we werent last and when they handed us our medals and we stretched out in the grass we were so happy, and sweaty and gross – and we just couldnt quit smiling 😀  What made our success even more amazing is that we pulled up to the registration building only minutes from the actual start of the race! We quickly put in our names, strapped on the ankle monitors and as we flew across the parking lot to the start line the announcer began the countdown of "5, 4, 3…" As he sounded the horn and qued the music Joan and I joined the throng of runners and began our race.  Thats us, the Late LeBruns 🙂
Some things never change though, and just as I’m grateful to God that He gave me the stamina to stay by Joans side, I’m grateful that Joan was able to keep me motivated to keep pushing, keep going.  She coached me the whole way, "shoulders down, knees up, use your arms to propel you" and so on. She also told me she was a gazelle and lept through the air, lol. It was pretty funny.  After the race we went to the Superstore and attacked a bucket of chicken wings and some greek salad.  It didnt stand a chance 🙂
Between now and June 14, every blog will be about the wedding. Its only 10 days away!!

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