NO time to Blog.

Greg and I got married 3 weeks ago and prior to that day I thought that once the wedding was over I would have time to live a normal life again. How foolish of me 🙂
Let me see – week 1 was the honeymoon. We drove to Cape Cod and toured a different town each day, a sort of "coastal" road trip with the exception of 2 days spent on Martha’s Vineyard. We took a boat to that since its an island. The honeymoon was amazing, we ate seafood, took long walks on the ocean shore, whale-watched in the Atlantic and toured various museums, galleries and monuments.  One night in particular was especially romantic because we chose a restaurant that had a patio right on the water, and afterward we took a short scenic walk out to the light house and collected sea shells together. Our hotel rooms were always beautiful and there was nothing we saw that seemed to be a let-down; Cape Cod is just a beautiful place.
For our first week home as husband and wife (week 2) we spent 2 days apart so I could go to Niagara and work at the office, had friends from church to our place for dinner and a game of "Settlers of Canaan" and on another night Gregs parents came to dinner and the guys finished off the kitchen by doing the last of the tile and putting in the new light fixtures while Gregs mom and I watched "Iron Chef America". Wow I love that show 😀 We also had Gregs kids for 3 days, drove to Niagara for horseback riding and my dads annual bbq and attended the Sunday School Picnic at church.  Not to mention Greg worked all week and I spent the remaining 3 work days in London keeping up to speed via phone and email.
Last week we spent Canada Day boating with Gregs parents in Port Dover, then I was in Niagara for Wednesday and Thursday for work and a visit with my family and then on Friday we went on a date to see "Wanted".  I liked the movie but there was a lot of harsh swearing and heads exploding… so I spent half the movie keeping my eyes covered but the concept of the movie was good and entertaining. On Saturday the Gilmores were in London and I got to spend Saturday with Joan and the kids. Elliot and Anne really loved my cat and rabbit and we also went to the Sun Festival in the park. It was a really great time and Greg introduced his new niece and nephew to Starbucks Frappacino’s – those kids were hooked from the first slurp 🙂  Especially Anne,she was a little junkie! We finished off our visit by having lunch at Spaghetti Eddies and then Joan helped me unpack and organize my bedroom closet while Greg cuddled with the kids on the couch watching cartoons.
On Sunday, the entire Gilmore family joined us for church and then came to our place for Sunday lunch. I love having a full table with lots of food and friends and the Gilmores did not disapoint – it was a great time. Derek had a to leave shortly afterwards but Joan and I cleaned up, went for a quick rollerblade and then all of us headed to Story Book Gardens where we saw peacocks, goats, sheep and a variety of other neat animals. The kids loved the slides but the main event was the carousal. Elliot and Anne LOVED that thing!  That night when everything was said and done and it was just Greg and I again, we had a rousing game of Super Mario Galaxy – it was so fun, I cant wait to play it again!
So you can see why I dont really have time to blog right now. I’m looking forward to being more settled soon, and every day I get closer to achieving that. One things for sure, I’m loving every minute – who could ask for more?

One thought on “NO time to Blog.

  1. nice summary.  anne keeps asking for you.  it was a great bonding weekend for my kids and i think that "uncle greg" is pretty solidly in first place as far as uncles go.


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